11/2012 Update:

 The Rise of Lord Sinon, sequel to The Treasures of Carmelidrium, 14,117 words.

Mirabella, working title, short story, approximate goal, 10,000 words, completed 5,441 words.


Exciting News!

I am working on a series of short stories.
I am continuing work on my sequel to 'The Treasures of Carmelidrium.'
I have several children's books that will come out as soon as I find an artist.
And, two novella ideas. One that takes place in Gil-Lael's past and one with a Phoenix heroine. 
How do I do all that? By scheduling specific days and/or weeks for each project.
What to expect first?
Short stories! Blame the Dentist, he wants to be paid. LOL And in his honor one of the series will be with the Faerie Folk, though none of them have anything to do with teeth. Grin! Another series will feature young maidens unhappy with their lot in life in my fictional world of Gil-Lael.

What to expect first?
I have almost completed a short story about a young woman, Mirabella who is running away from an arranged marriage in the south of Gil-Lael. Who will she meet along the way? This is untitled at the moment.

The process: After I finish the first draft I carefully re-read and correct. Then it's off to my critique partners. If you're new to writing, critique partners are other writers that share the critique process for free. I review their stories and make suggestions on what to change and they do mine. Usually it's best to have several partners. Once I've received my copy back, I make the changes I want and it's off to my editor who I pay. Then I finish the story and contact my for-matter and it is put up on the e-book sites. Every site has different formatting requirement. There you have it.

Just a note: I Never Pay for Reviews. Though I often give away a copy of my story during a book blog promotion. I may ask for an Honest Review, but I don't pay. What you read is legitimate.

Sequel to, The Treasures of Carmelidrium:

The Rise of Lord Sinon, an epic fantasy. I need to set up the plot and integrate what I've already written.
Progress: 1st Draft.
3/8/11 I've gone through everything I've written and decided that a major rewrite is in order. I've grown as a writer since I first started. Now I have 3 x 5 cards and am putting together chapter cards.
3/9/11 2,396 words, chapters 1 & 2
3/10/11 added 611 words to chapter 1, it needed more tension and I got a brilliant idea in the middle of doing other stuff. Isn't that always the way of it?
3/12/11 Chapter 3.    2804 words.                                     
3/13/11  Chapter 4    1959 words.              
3/21/11  Chapter 5      558 words, not finished yet           
Some editing changed the total to less words.
3/27/11  Chapter 5 completed  1,467 words
3/30/11  Chapter 6    1,730 words                   
6/10/11  Chapter 7    1,737 words                       
6/16/11  Chapter 8    1,859 words (this chapter was challenging.)
7/6/11    Chapter 9 & 10 almost complete.   2,111 words  Sub-Total Words:16,825
(9/22/12, this is undergoing major revisions. We moved and the flash recorder was damaged. I wasn't happy with some of it anyway, so on to better things. I anticipate about a year's worth of work.)


The Magic of Windlier Wood a short story:
Request to do more Newert stories will be honored. 


King Julien of Gil-Lael. Working title that may change. This is a novella that takes place in Gil-Lael's past. I got the idea for this story during a blogfest last autumn. Very cool!


A novella about a Phoenix. No title yet. This is an ongoing series to take place in this world starting with the Druids in Britain. It will be written in 1st person with a Phoenix heroine.
3/31/11  5,646 words
4/22/11 Over 10,000 words and off to critique

I received the critique back some time ago and I need to rethink the story. I am going to put it aside because that helps me to come up with a solid foundation for it and a clear voice.

I hope you will check this on occasion and let me know what you think.

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