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WEP Get Together from Kindle Vella to E-book

Greetings, WEP'ers. I missed the first get together and I would have missed this one too, except a lightbulb hit my head. Haha.

So, what am I doing? Amazon now allows you to make an e-book of your Kindle Vella stories and also leave it on Vella at the same time. Well, they've been allowing that for some time now, I just didn't know it. Haha.

Therefore, I'm re-reading and making changes to Nilmalith's Journey. If you read The Treasures of Carmelidrium, Nilmalith makes his first appearance there. I loved the character so much, that he is in subsequent books and now has his own story. I'm writing the sequel to Nilmalith's Journey which will be titled, Nilmalith's Voyage. These are short stories. 

Let me just say, I'm a damn good writer. I rarely realize that. But I am. I told my husband, someone will feed my stories to AI when I'm gone. Haha. I don't think AI will become a living, breathing person afterwards, but at least it won't come back in time to murder anyone. 

So, that's my news. I've finished King Julian too and I'm still working on 5 Friends & Lovers. King Julian will become an e-book soon. When I'm satisfied, I'll remove the stories from Amazon and publish wide.

Here's to book series.


If curious, here is the first chapter of Nilmalith's Journey.


                                                             Chapter 1

Nilmalith bent beneath the tall grass, peering forth as the foreign army marched across the land. Their gold-fringed red banner with strange writing, and the golden eagle statue perched on top was held by men in the lead. Each soldier had a shield, and heavy swords sheaved at their sides. Only their leaders were mounted on horseback.

Some of the human tribes sent peace envoys. Others tried to resist. A futile attempt against a much superior force. Many faerie folk had fled, especially when an entire ancient oak forest caught fire. Whether by man or nature, Nilmalith didnt know.

Keeping low, he backed up. Once he reached the woodland, he stood and ran toward his home, located deep inside the enchanted beech and birch trees that concealed the elfin community.

Ordinary sounds reached him. Those of birds, red squirrels, and rabbits. The high summer scents of flowers and green growing plants were offset by the musky scent of a fox. A brook lapped over rocks while otters played in the currents. He crossed, his feet barely sinking in the water. As evening approached, moonlight managed to glide between limbs laden with leaves and pooled at his feet.

He passed the magical wall that shimmered with elfin protections. A whistle gave notice of his arrival, and he approached the circle where dinner was being consumed by his fellow elves. The lutist stopped playing.

King Celéldur beckoned, and Queen Táwien stood. Nilmalith approached, giving them a deep bow and spreading his arms wide.

Come, Nilmalith, we shall speak in private,Táwien said and turned her back. The king stood at her side, and Nilmalith followed them both a little further into the forest and away from those gathered.

They stopped, and the king turned. Speak. What did you see?

Hundreds of men have arrived. They march north. The closet human villages are preparing for war.

Táwien turned toward her husband. Just as I have seen. We must leave before they discover us.

Where do we go?the king asked.

We should gather all the elfin folk near and far and meet in Caledonia. It is the furthest north and away from the coming battles.

Not much will come of it. Most will not heed your warning, my love.Celéldur frowned, and a shadow of foreboding shielded his green eyes.

You speak truly, and yet, we must try.Táwien turned back toward Nilmalith. Thank you for your report. Let us return to our meal. After which, Ill make an announcement.


Nilmalith found his cousin, Lyari, and sat beside him.

Did you see any wolves while out?Lyari asked.

Not a one.Nilmalith reached for a bowl of berries, sweet rolls, and duck cooked in butter, and poured a little sauce made with apple wine. He ate, famished from his spy mission, while his cousin continued to talk.

My new bow is finished, and Ive a mind to go hunting tomorrow for the white stag Eroan saw. Care to come?

Nilmalith gazed at him while still chewing. He took a sip of wine, but Lyari continued to talk.

Have you got your bow done? Well, no matter, use the old one.

Several of the elfin maids began to dance to the lute.

Ah, I see Meorise is dancing. She looks beautiful in the spring green dress.Lyari smiled, and Nilmalith wiped a little grease from his lips.

She does indeed. Have you chosen yet?he asked.

Lyari continued to watch. Not yet, either her or maybe Vianola. Its difficult to choose. What about you?

I wont wed just yet. Eternity is a long time to stay wed to a single female.Nilmalith said, pulling the sweet bread apart and popping a little in his mouth.

Good point. I may continue to sample for a time.

Nilmalith nodded. Elves enjoyed one another as often as their desires took them. Unlike men, who often contracted a fatal disease if they dallied too much and so married young. But men had short life spans, whereas elves could only die if pierced through their hearts. Once married, each couple had no more than two children and sometimes only one. Nilmalith was an only child, while Lyari had a sister. It wasnt that they couldnt have more, but elves were stewards of the forest and glens. They kept their numbers low out of respect for nature.

The queen stood, and everyone grew quiet, turning to listen to her.

It is as we feared,Táwien began. Tomorrow, we say farewell to our home. We will travel north, over fields and meadows. Over moors and mountains, across rivers and marshland. We go by moonlight, avoiding the human tribes. Those of the faraway lands have come to make war and concur.  To destroy our home.

I will need elves to travel to all our peoples in the south, east, west, and north. The time has come for the elfin people to hold council.

Well,Lyari said. There will be no hunting tomorrow or marriage feast either.

What I saw of these men is fierce. Our queen is wise,Nilmalith said. I will volunteer to travel and help gather our people.

Then, I shall join you,Lyari said. 

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Last WEP Challenge, It's A Wonderful Life

 This is the last WEP challenge. Write, Edit, Publish was founded by Denise Covey, and we who have stepped up to the challenge are thankful. It has been a ride, Denise.

In addition to Denise, I want to thank the ladies who have been instrumental in the function of this quarterly writing challenge. Here’s to Renee, Nila, Olga, Jemi, and Sonia. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Today, our challenge is to take a favorite Holiday movie and write using the movie as inspiration. My favorite Christmas movie is It’s A Wonderful Life. When it was released, it bombed at the box office. But it has been played repeatedly on TV since its inception. And I have watched it and loved it since I was a child. The message in this movie is simple: Your Life Matters. I hope you enjoy my story.

 To read what others have written go here.


It’s a Wonderful Life


Noel left her room to join her family. They didn’t do the black Friday thing. Instead, they put up the Christmas tree. A Mannheim Steam Roller CD played instrumental music. Her father had already put the tree together. Its lights were already strung, so all you had to do was press the on-off switch to light it up.

“Ta da!” Her father yelled.

Her mother clapped, and her younger brother and sister jumped up and down. Noel rolled her eyes. She’d been born on Christmas day, thus her name. A constant reminder that she was supposed to be a jolly kid. Well, she wasn’t.

Today, she joined in, taking an ornament from her mother; she hung it and went back for another. She hid her misery from her parents, smiling when they looked her way.

This had been an awful year. She was teased at school about her name. Bullied to the point of hiding in the bathroom, and when that didn’t work, she ducked around the corner. Two girls had beaten her in the hall before class one day. One, kicking her in the stomach repeatedly. A handful of kids captured the attack on their cell phone cameras. Several teachers saved her, and she was taken to the hospital. Her parents were notified. She hated that they found out, and later she saw the attack posted on Social Media before it was taken down.

When she returned to school the next day, many other students followed her around, laughing while replaying her attack on their cell phones. The only good thing was that the two girls who beat her were suspended for a week. But when they returned, they continued with their malignant yells.  

She’d always loved church, learning about Jesus, and talking to Him. But she didn’t talk to Him anymore. No one in church humiliated her, but sitting in her class and learning about the wondrous acts that Jesus did only reminded her that nothing stupendous ever happened to her. She lived in a vacuum. Devoid of happiness.

Her parents had changed everything about Christmas just for her. They celebrated on Christmas Eve, opening gifts, eating dinner, and attending church services. Christmas day was for her birthday. The only thing she shared was Santa’s visit. This year she’d turn fifteen. But, if she wasn’t here anymore, then her family could have Christmas day back.

Dinner tonight was left over Thanksgiving. Noel liked it well enough, but her appetite was in the toilet, literally. She'd go throw up when done. After that, she had an appointment with her razor. So far, her parents hadn’t discovered her destructive habits, and she intended to keep it that way.

“You’re losing weight, Noel. Are you feeling okay?” Her mother asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” she said.

“You really haven’t been yourself. Are those girls leaving you alone?”

“They’re keeping their distance.”

“Why are you so down?” Her mother continued to question.

“It’s…just…hard, sometimes.” Noel stood and headed down the hall to her room. She heard her mother’s next question. “I don’t know what to do?”

“She’ll outgrow out of it,” her father said.

A bathroom was attached to Noel’s room, making hiding all her bad habits easy. She vomited supper and then sat on her bed. She removed the drawer to her nightstand and turned it over, revealing her razor and pill bottle. She’d been squirreling away sleeping pills from her mother’s prescription bottle. One or two at a time, so it wouldn’t be noticed. She had twelve. Would it be enough?

She changed into the prettiest nightgown she had, took the pills with the bottle of water she’d brought back earlier, and went to bed. A genuine smile spread over her lips.

Sleep came…


She floated above her body. Why am I doing…oh yeah, I killed myself.

She could see her parents watching a movie together in the living room. Her brother and sister were in their bedrooms asleep. A pull and then a massive being joined her. His wings unfurled. He smiled and took her hand. She could hear what he said telepathically. Shooting stars zoomed past them.

“Those are prayers going to heaven,” he said.

“Am I going to heaven?”


They arrived in a beautiful garden, the colors vibrant. Colors she’d never seen before. Then she saw Him, Jesus. And when He reached her, He hugged her.

“I love you,” Noel said.

He smiled, and though He didn’t speak, she felt His all-forgiving love. A love so vast, so complete she couldn’t describe it.

Then, the angel pulled out a book and began to open the pages.

She saw herself, every memory from when she was aware of things around two years. The time her mother fell in the kitchen when she was pregnant with her eight-year old brother, Joshua. She called 911, and help arrived.

“She would have died without for your help,” Jesus said.

Then she saw when Joshua hit his head in the pool and went under. He was two at the time, and she pulled him out.

“Another life saved,” Jesus said.

Then, when she was in fourth grade and, her friend, Sarah, struggled to read. She sat with her for hours, teaching her phonics.

“Sarah is a fine reader now,” Jesus said.

More moments followed, how she had been a positive force in the lives of many.

“It’s not your time. You must go back. I have a message for your two tormentors,” Jesus said. “And one for you. You must forgive them and tell them that I love them.”


She woke in the hospital, her parents hovering over her. She missed all of December and returned to school in mid-January. When Noel saw her two persecutors, she smiled and approached them.

“You should have stayed dead,” one of them said.

“I forgive you both, and Jesus loves you with a love so utterly complete it cannot be measured.”

Both girls stood with their mouths open as Noel turned and left them in the hall.

Word Count 1,008

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments. N. R. Williams


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WEP Close Encounters

Greetings all WEP’ers and visitors. If you don’t know what WEP is, Write, Edit, Publish. It’s a bloghop that takes different writing challenges so you and I can flex our writing muscles. But, if you don’t want to write a story, that’s okay too. Post pictures or tell us about something related to the prompt going on in your life. Are you a poet? Hit us up with something wonderful. To read what others have written go here.

For June 2023, our prompt is the movie, Close Encounters. The good news is, you don’t have to be an abductee or an alien to participate. Our lovely host are Nila, and Jemi.


Here’s my story.

These characters are from my on going sweet romance, 5 Friends & Lovers, available on Amazon, Kindle Vella. This particular episode will be interwoven into some future spot.


Scott: A comedian

David: A suspense author

Doug: A high school gym teacher/coach

To keep down the characters, their ladies are elsewhere.


Tagline: Alien Discussion

Close Encounter or Not

David, Scott, and Doug sat around the living room while their ladies were in the kitchen making lunch.

“Did you hear the *Elvis Theater is running classic Sci/Fi movies?” Doug asked.

“Which ones?” Scott asked, leaning forward to lift his cup of coffee.

“The remake of, The Day The Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, and classics, ET, and Close Encounters.  They’re showing them mid-week on Wednesday, one at a time,” Doug said.

“I love Close Encounters,” David said.

“Me too,” Scott said. “Richard Dreyfus went insane and made a mess of his home. My mother found that disturbing, but I laughed. Then there’s ET, staring a turtle without his shell flying away in a Christmas ornament.”

Doug and David both laughed.  

“I thought we could take our babes. Wanna do that together?” Doug asked.

“Wednesday night?” Scott repeated.

“Yeah,” Doug said.

“They aren’t playing all of them the same Wednesday?” David asked.

“Nope,” Doug said. “One at a time.”

“I’m in now to convince our ladies,” David said.

“Do either of you believe in aliens and UFOs,” Scott asked.

“I think it’s a possibility,” Doug said.

“UFOs are now UAPs,” David said.

“What does that mean?” Doug asked.

“Unidentified aerial phenomenon,” David said.

“I find it difficult to believe a bunch of gray aliens are running around abducting people. If they came after me, I’d ask, why don’t you wear sandals to go along with your nudity,” Scott said.

David and Doug laughed again.

“Actually,” David said. “Some believe they are wearing a body suit.”

“That makes sense,” Doug said.

“Where’s the zipper,” Scott quipped, and the other two smirked.

“So, what planet do they come from?” Doug asked.

“The powers that be are debating that, naming several locations. I can’t remember exactly what they said,” David answered.

“You seem to know a lot about it,” Doug said.

“I know a little. I watch the various shows, mostly to get story ideas.”

“You write suspense, don’t you? How do aliens and detectives merge?” Scott sipped his coffee.

“Yeah, how does that work?” Doug sat back and crossed one leg over the other at the ankle.

“I really just get ideas about locations and people, too,” David said.

“Like what?” Doug asked.

“Well,” David said. “One show I watched featured a man who has been abducted since childhood. As a young man, he took his girlfriend on a camping trip. The aliens showed up, froze her, and then they inspected her and told him she wasn’t good enough. Afterward, his girlfriend, a Christian, left him. Later, he became Born-Again, and the aliens haven’t been back.

“An entire group of people who believe the aliens are really demons and quote Bible verses to support that idea.”

“Demons?!” Scott and Doug said together.

David held up both hands. “I’m just reporting what I saw on a show. I have no opinion, one way or the other.

“Another show I watched,” David continued. “Claims that Bigfoot is brought here by aliens because there are UAPs whenever there are Bigfoot sightings.”

“You watch some pretty weird shows,” Doug said.

“That I do.”

“So, which movie is showing first?” Scott asked.

“This Wednesday, it’s Close Encounters,” Doug said.

To that, Scott started whistling the Close Encounter alien tune.

Word Count 552

*The Elvis theater is a discount theater in Colorado. All the shows David has watched, I have watched and is true. And, I watch that stuff for the same reason.

I hope you enjoyed the story. All critique is okay by me. Comments are encouraged.

Announcement: My books are on sale for 99cents. See links on the side. And, the last book in the series, book 4, The Curse of Renwyk is now available. Below is the Amazon link. It’s not on my website yet.



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Thank you,