Friday, July 16, 2010

Interview with a Psychopath, Part 3

Today, Interview with a Psychopath continues with investigative reporter extraordinaire, Sarah Cummings.

Nancy: Sarah, how difficult was it to get this interview?

Sarah: The challenges were extreme. I wasn't allowed to meet Renwyk in person. I wasn't allowed to take a picture and the portal between America and Gil-Lael kept closing down. However, the elves who used some kind of magic, at least that is what they claim, to give Renwyk my questions, were helpful in translation, (he doesn't speak English,) as well as transfering the documents.

Nancy: Elves?

Sarah: So they call themselves. Though, who could believe that? Of course, I didn't question them since they were my link to Renwyk.

Nancy: I look forward to reading more.

Sarah: Here goes.

Sarah: (I decided to tone down my questions since Renwyk was becoming agitated.) Tell us a little about your history. Where did you grow up?

Renwyk: In the north of Gil-Lael.

Sarah: Where did you attend formal schooling?

Renwyk: There is no 'formal schooling' in the north of Gil-Lael. I learned from my mother and from nature. My father provided a tutor until I was eight years old and then I studied on my own, reading every book I could lay my hands on.

Sarah: Is it difficult to find books?

Renwyk: I understand that a book is laborious to create. Until a hundred years ago we didn't have a printed press to make books. Since my father would not give me money to purchase the books I wanted to read, I had to find my own sources to obtain them.

Sarah: That must have been difficult for an eight year old. Did you harbor any resentment toward your father?

Renwyk: We will not discuss my father.

Sarah: (I guess I hit a nerve.) Who invented the working press?

Renwyk: A little over a hundred years ago, a man came through the portal from Le-Grande-Bretagne, by the name of Rosenberg and built the press. Soon, every country's nobility had requests to obtain the bound and printed word. One of Rosenberg's first books, 'The History of Man,' is now in King Llywellyn's library at Chateau de Talaith.

Sarah: Do you mean Britain, from this world?

Renwyk: I am not familiar with your world, therefore I do not know.

Sarah: What is your favorite subject?

Sarah: (I was told he screamed the answer at the scribe who was recording his statements.)

Renwyk: This is an entire waste of time. I refuse to be troubled by your petty questions further. You should marry and have children. Obey your husband and take on the responsibilities of a good wife.

Sarah: My contact with Renwyk was broken after that.

Nancy: I guess women's lib hasn't hit Gil-Lael yet.

Sarah: Apparently not.

Nancy: Do you have any further insights you would like to share?

Sarah: I was careful not to bring up the subject of our heroine , Missie, from 'The Treasures of Carmelidrium.' The elves warned me that Renwyk is not fully aware of the threat her music will be to his ambition. Since she is a modern American young woman, I think there will be many people surprised by her attitudes, not just Renwyk. They live in a backward time.

Nancy: I couldn't concur more.

Sarah: Thank you for having me. I enjoyed this opportunity to interview Renwyk.

Nancy: I know I speak for everyone when I say, I hope you will join us again sometime. Thank you for all your hard work.

Nancy: Sarah Cummings promised to stop by on occasion and offered her services for the future. I appreciated that.

My readers, thank you for stopping in and reading 'Interview with a Psychopath.' Stop by again soon and please leave a comment. Nancy


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're having fun with this!

N. R. Williams said...

The creation of new character's and writing the actual piece, yes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this background is very cool. Keep visiting other blogs and leaving comments (like on mine) and you'll do just fine.

Stephen Tremp

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Stephen. I am doing just that.

Anonymous said...

Stopped by for another enjoyable read! I agree with Alex, looks like you are having fun with this psychopath!