Wednesday, September 6, 2017

IWSG Sept. 2017

Time again for another Insecure Writer’s Support Group post. Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017. Time flies. IWSG is the brain child of Alex J. Cavanaugh who started this group of authors way back when in September. Over the years it has grown from a few people posting their insecurities or their encouragement. There’s a FaceBook page were authors can ask questions, a critique group and a whole lot more. So, if you’ve never heard of IWSG before, check it out. To read other post or learn more go here.

September 6 Question: Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn't think you'd be comfortable in??

A short answer from me. No. I write fantasy and at the moment I have more story ideas than I can handle. How about you? I know a lot of writers who dabble in more than one genre.

In other news. We are moving from a one-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom apartment in the same apartment complex. It is two buildings over. Move in day is Sept. 26. That means there is another delay in up-dating my book cover, editing book two and formatting. Two reasons for that. Time and money. It will get done before the end of the year though.

I will also publish a short story for free in an effort to draw in more readers. Here is a short excerpt.
Title: The Prince and The Warrior

Water rushed between rocks, rippling and letting off a fine mist. The fresh scent of it mingled with rich soil and new spring leaves and grasses. Sunlight shone down through a cloudless sky. Arnoux squinted, gazing upward. A buzzing noise near his left ear caused him to raise his hand to swat the flies away. He let his hand drop. Swelling distorted his left temple and sticky blood clogged his fingers.
            He couldn’t remember the fall. Attempting to sit, he gasped, falling on river rocks again. He’d broken a rib. Maybe more than one. His breathing was labored and his mind a muddled mess. He clutched his left side and managed to sit. His success was greeted with yet another pain. This one in his left ankle, like a thousand knives pricking his skin, whose swelling tightened the leather of his boot unbearably. He should remove it, but his strength was gone.
            The river might help. He inched over the rocks toward the sandy shore and stuck his swollen left boot in the river. This would ruin the leather, but what choice did he have?
            His mare grazed on tender grass jutting through the river rocks. Arnoux wanted to call her to him but he couldn’t remember her name. Some flower or plant. He whistled instead and she raised her head, nickered, shook her mane and came. Arnoux remembered training her. Odd how one memory came while others remained as veiled as a fox creeping up on a rabbit. He clicked his tongue and the horse knelt beside him. He leaned on her and struggled to open the saddle bag. His breathing came in quick gasps and the heavy weight in his side nearly made him pass out.
            Once his breathing slowed, he undid the saddle bag and pulled out a spare shirt. Unlacing his leather jerkin, he struggled out of it, then out of the ripped and bloody shirt beneath. He pulled his hunting knife out of his right boot and cut the ruined shirt into bandages. His entire left side was covered with black and blue starbursts. Anchoring one end of the strips with a rock, he bandaged his ribs. He had to stop more than once to slow his breathing and shut out the pain. Once finished, he tied the ends. The support lessened his agony.
            Before redressing, he splashed water on his face and scrubbed the dried blood away.
            His mare had wandered off as he worked. He crawled to a large boulder and struggled to lift himself onto it. At his whistle, the mare returned. As she stood before him, Arnoux climbed into the saddle and lay across her back.

            “Go east. I think we go east.” The mare obeyed the gentle nudge of his knee and walked into the forest. 

So my blogging friends, what do you think? And, if you write, do you stay in one genre or have several?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Write, Edit, Published August 2017 challenge. Reunion

Write, Edit, Published bloghop. This blog hop was started by the lovely Denise Covy and joining her is Yolanda Renee. This month the challenge is to write a story with the prompt, Reunion. Sorry I'm late, I won't bore you with the reason. To read other fabulous stories, go here.


Timothy reached for the letter he’d set aside three days ago and gazed at the return address. His anger hadn’t subsided from when he first found it in his mail slot. Rather, it had intensified.

Rage had kept him from his family all these years. More than twenty. He nurtured it. Like rain on sandy soil, his irritation flowed in little rivulets, each holding the memories of what had been done to him. The first when he had been fifteen. His father accepted a job in New York City and moved his entire family from the beaches of southern California to the city that never sleeps. A surfer, Timothy had lost his chance to compete in the champion trials, and he’d lost his friends. There wasn’t any place to surf in New York City.

At school, he had to endure name calling and never did make new friends. His grades had plummeted. Who knew what might have happened in southern California. He might have been on the honor roll. In New York he flunked. There was no ivy league school for him. Instead, he attended a small college.

When he’d graduated from that little college, his father didn’t come. Afterwards, in an argument his father let him know that he was a big failure and a disappointment.

He landed a job in California shortly after that and had moved. Every year invitations came for family reunions and Christmas. He threw them all away and never sent a single gift. He ignored news of his sister’s weddings and the birth of their children. He burned the only photos he had of his father.

He jumped in his chair when the phone rang. Timothy lifted his iPhone and recognized the number from New York. He nearly tossed the expensive phone aside, but something made him stop. Who would it be? His father or his mother? Father never called him. But his mother had left one tearful message after another on his Birthday’s and a Christmas. It was probably her. The only bright spot in the list of wrong doing.

His mother had encouraged him through all the problems. If it hadn’t been for her, he never would have gone to college at all.

He swiped the phone and hesitated before saying, “Hello.”

“Timothy.” It was his father. His thumb hovered near the end call button.

“Please come, your mother has cancer. Her only wish is to see you again.”

Word Count: 408

I can't say that this was the most joyful thing I've ever written, but this is what came to me. I hope you enjoyed it.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

IWSG Aug. 2017 Pet Peeves and News

Time again for an IWSG post. What is that you say? Insecure Writers Support Group. Started by Alex J. Cavanuagh where we share encouraging news or our insecurities. Lord knows I have a lot of insecurities and sometimes I panic. To read what others have written go here.

IWSG Aug Question: What are your pet peeves when reading/writing/editing?
I spent years learning the craft of writing. Therefore, I don’t have much time for those who are lazy and never bothered to learn. You know immediately when you start to read a book if this is true. Backstory, POV shifts, sometimes in the middle of the sentence, information dump, etc. That being said, I’m willing to help others learn if they are willing to put in the effort.

In other news. If you know me, then you know money is tight. I have saved up enough now to buy ISBN’s, have the paper copy of my book cover done and start a web page by mid-August. In September, I’ll pay for formatting. This may take more than one month to reach all markets. Book 2 will be ready for my editor in September as well. I hope to release it come December. But, ultimately, that will depend on money for my editor and book cover.

This has been a long time coming with multiple delays. Family is first. Sometimes I just have to put food on the table.

How about you? Do you have a pet peeve when reading or editing books? Do you have some exciting news? Do share.


I hope you will consider joining me in creating a wonderful story or sharing something that actually happened on Aug. 16, 2017 for the Write, Edit, Publish bloghop titled: Reunions. To sign up go here.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

IWSG July 5, 2017

It’s the 1st Wednesday in July. Half the year has gone by. No matter what you believe, this has been one of the most contentious years in recent memory. So, time for a breather and to visit a few of us bloggers as we share our insecurities, or encouragement. Yes, you have arrived at July’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Well, I’m one of them anyway.

If you don’t know, this group was started by Alex J. Cavanaugh and has been running for several years. So, take a look at my post and then visit a few others. To do so go here.

July 5 Question: What is one valuable lesson you've learned since you started writing?

Hmmm…as I sit here contemplating the question I start wondering about life lessons in general.

I don’t think I’ve learned any particular lessons since I began to write unless they are related to writing. Rather, the lessons I’ve learned throughout my life have made me a better writer. We will only talk about one here since I need to keep it within the length of a blog post.

I have always been a kind and generous person. People take advantage of people like me. I’ve also been bullied throughout my life. Even now at 65. So, I have studied the motivations of others simply so I could understand why people do what they do. That has translated into my ability to write believable characters and to ensure that no two characters are alike in my stories.

I once read a romance and fell in love with the writer’s talent. When I picked up her next book, it was like a carbon copy of the first in a different time and place. I never bought another book she wrote. So being able to write different characters with different motivations is a must. If you want the same characters than write a sequel with those characters in it. I write sequels, but the main characters are different.

How about you? What have you learned? O
r what do you love about your favorite book?


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Apologies. Write, Edit, Publish

I intended to write a story but I've had a migraine headache for several days and I'm no good to anyone. See you next time.