Saturday, July 5, 2014

I won! So excited.

I won the Write...Edit...Publish challenge hosted by Denise Covey for my flash fiction story, Romancing Wisteria. If you'd like to read it just scroll down one post.

I have a prize coming as well. A $10.00 gift card to Amazon. Oh, which books should I buy? I know of one for sure to fulfill a promise made and so any of you have books out as well just waiting for my Kindle Fire. Leave me a comment with the link to your book and I'll check it out. I promise to leave a review after I'm done reading.

Happy dance!

PS.. In case you are new to my blog, I have many flash fiction stories you can read. Just remember, everything is copyrighted.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Romancing Wisteria, a flash fiction offering for Write, Edit, Publish

Time for another flash fiction post for Write...Edit...Publish, created by Denise Covey. Today I bring you a faerie romance. To read other excellent post go here.

Romancing Wisteria

Never had faerie land seen such beauty as that of Wisteria. Her hair curled along her delicate face in shades of purple. Her lavender eyes where framed by long dark violet lashes. She had ruby red rose lips and a slight upward curl at the tip of her nose while her fingers ended in shades of green. The male faerie vied for Wisteria’s attention while the female faeries simmered with jealousy.  None of this mattered to Wisteria. She sang in a high soprano as she fluttered beneath her wisteria tree. The flowers and pine nearby thrived in the faerie dust that graced Wisteria’s presence.

Her parents were ordinary faerie folk. No one would have believed they could produce such a beautiful child. Some would have imagined that Wisteria would develop a snobbish temperament, but she didn’t. She was as sweet as honey and cream served over strawberries.

Lupine heard of her beauty and flew to meet her from the top of Mount Evens. Cosmos hitched a ride on a semi from Colorado Springs to the lovely garden in Denver just to gaze on Wisteria. Dianthus left the brook that feed the eastern farms of Colorado and traveled via tumbleweed until he reached her. Each in his own way brought gifts to try and persuade Wisteria to marry them. A quartz rock from Mount Evens, a sprig of pine from Colorado Springs and a stem of winter wheat from the plains of Colorado.

Wisteria thanked them, but she didn’t want to live in the thin air of Mount Evens, or the rocky summit of Colorado Springs not to mention the wind swept plains of Colorado. Her tree was in the garden and she loved her parents.
Zinnia didn’t know any of this. He wondered how he could woo Wisteria away from such noble faerie men. Lupine had hair that stood straight up in white curls. Cosmos seemed mellow with his bright orange and white coloring. Dianthus floated along with wings that were touched with light blue faerie dust. While Zinnia hopped between leaves dusting the snowball like red zinnia he’d been named for. His nose had a bulge in the middle. His fingers had oversized knuckles. His speech sputtered whenever he stood near Wisteria. Not to mention the ridiculous freckles that covered his whole body. However, Zinnia had one thing the others lacked, he knew love to be a sweet embrace enhanced with stardust over sugared fruit.

On this summer day Zinnia paused near his flowers and watched Wisteria dance beneath her tree. Lupine, Cosmos and Dianthus took turns twirling beside her. Half the male population twittered between the beds of lush flowers and leaves gazing upon her. Zinnia considered his options. Do something or die of heartbreak. The latter seemed intolerable. He stepped forward and found himself under the wisteria tree. His passion forced his heart to pound harder.

Wisteria tiptoed close. “Come Zinnia, dance with me,” she said.

Had he heard correctly? Zinnia floated just above the ground and took Wisteria’s out reached hand. They twirled between heavy boughs and dusted the tree together. Music swelled from the faerie band that played nearby. Her smile touched Zinnia in his soul and he knew delight as a water fountain that sprayed toward heaven.
In the evening of the following day, Zinnia approached Wisteria as she sang beneath her tree. His smile held a new confidence. He didn’t care how many faerie folk watched. With a bow and flutter of wings he presented Wisteria with his gift. A box of chocolate truffles he’d purchased from the faerie chocolatier.

Wisteria paused, took the box ad opened it. Lifting her eyes she said, “I have been given many things. A rock, a pine sprig and winter wheat. But no one has troubled to learn what I enjoy the most until now.”

She lifted a delicate truffle and popped the whole thing into her mouth. “Yum.”

Zinnia smiled.

“Have one.” Wisteria offered.

Zinnia took a truffle and bit into the scrumptious chocolate.
On their first wedding anniversary, as they celebrated beneath her tree, Zinnia presented Wisteria with another box of chocolate truffles. They laughed and enjoyed the treat together. Zinnia counted his fortune every day, always certain to treat Wisteria with gentle love and soon a faerie child would be born to bring them both joy.

Word Count: 762

I hope you enjoyed my little fae romance.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Insecure Writers Support Group, Flash Fiction

Greetings and welcome to the June addition of IWSG. Alex J. Cavanugh's brain child has certainly grown. I haven't been able to post for awhile and this time I'm writing it early because we are moving and I won't have the internet until June 4. To read other post follow the link and click on anyone you like.

As in the title of this post I'll be talking about flash fiction. There was a time when I didn't think I could write short stories let alone flash fiction which is around 1,000 words or less. But thanks to my Aussie friend, Denise Covey, and her monthly blog challenge at Write...Edit...Publish, that has changed. Curious? Here is the link. Anyone can participate.

So why bother to write flash fiction? First, the challenge to limit yourself to  a few descriptive words, tell a story that readers will become emotionally invested in, is something that all writers should strive to do.

Second; it turns out that there is money in it. The growing trend for e-books is flash fiction. Readers can download to their phone and read your story over lunch. Sounds good to me.

So in addition to working on the sequel to my epic fantasy, and writing a short story series, I'm putting together a group of flash fiction stories featuring faeries.

The question is; are you up to the challenge?

I hope you echo a resounding 'yes' in the comments.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Failure? Is it? A flash fiction entry for Write, Edit, Publish

Another edition for Write...Edit...Publish. Founded by my Aussie friend, Denise Covey. Anyone can participate with poems, stories or true life events. To read the other submissions, click on the link and travel on through cyberspace to the Write...Edit...Publish blog and follow the links there to other worthy blogs.

Failure? Is it? Is the theme. My story follows.


Barbara curled a few strands of auburn hair with her finger. First up and then down. "Stupid!?!"

Her job had gone the way of extinct species. Her town-home was in foreclosure. What a waste. Life had never been this crappy. A degree in computer sciences did little good when no one was hiring. Where had she gone wrong?

Television was full of commercials to retrain as this, that, or some other thing. Retrain! Hadn't she spent enough time in college?

Newly divorced, her parents gone within a year of each other, her sister wouldn't talk to her, and the list of failures dragged on until Barbara was certain nothing good would come to her. She wanted to give up. She wanted to hide in a dark room. More likely she'd be under a bridge in a tent.

She had five brochures on various jobs. A veterinary assistant, a florist, a dental hygienist, a daycare provider and last but not least a social worker. Being a florist would be fun but where there really any jobs in that field? She didn't think she wanted to work with young children. That left three choices. The medical field was expanding. Social workers where in demand. But did dogs and cats really need her?

Monday followed her indecisive Sunday. In three months she could be a dental hygienist. Wrinkling her nose at the thought of the odors at a dental office, Barbara lifted the phone and called the school. Now that she had made a decision, her spirit lifted. She showered, dried her hair, put on a blue dress and drove to her appointment at the school. A smile touched her lips. The future looked bright.

283 words.

I hope you enjoyed my little tale.

This is a fictional story, copyright 2014. All critique is acceptable.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


On March 20, I was waiting for my daughter to take me to the Doctor office. I'd been sick all week with a bad cold and trying to get in but all the appointment times were after my husband went to work. I fell in the kitchen. When my daughter came I told her to take me to the emergency room at Saint Anthony Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado. (Pictured to your left.) In admissions the guy who was taking my vitals said, "Oh my God!" Then I passed out. My daughter told my husband, "Dad, they descended on Mom like a swarm of flies on road kill." Yeah, she's a child of an author. When I woke two days later I was in ICU. I had pneumonia. One lung was completely full and the other only had a little more room to go. This caused kidney failure and so I had dialysis and chemo because I also have vasculitis. Which means my blood cells are attacking my immune system, very rare. I was in ICU for almost two weeks and then transferred to rehabilitation at Sandlewood in Wheat Ridge Colorado. (Pictured to your right.)

Because of the vasculitis I will need to be on chemo for six months and then on another medication for a year with monthly visits to the doctor so they can draw blood. I'll loose my hair. So I thought I would buy one huge gold hoop earring and an outlandish scarf and pretend I'm a pirate.

After five weeks of working hard everyday I'm finally home. I had to wake up all my muscles and now I have a walker. Home health will be visiting me every week for a while as I recover. I am super shaky so it will take some time but I am also more motivated to finish my stories. One thing that happens when you almost die is that things that were unresolved are swallowed up by God. My husband came to see me every day. This has renewed my love for him. I hope all things are well with you.