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IWSG Feb. 2016

Another Wednesday and time for our Insecure Post. Thanks to founder Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Imagine checking out your book to find a new review. Not just any review, a 5 Star review. As you read excitement fills you. You start to cry because its what you dreamed of. You copy it and share with a few friends and then you have trouble sleeping because you're so excited. In the middle of the night you think you should go on Amazon and leave a comment on the review thanking the unknown person who loved your book. In the morning, despite your lack of sleep, you go into Amazon, click on most recent reviews and the wonderful review that kept you up all night has vanished.

Stuff of nightmares right. Wrong. With Amazons new policy if they think you paid for the review or are friends with the reviewer they pull the review. That happened to me. So annoying.

However, before they pulled the review I copied it. Here it is.

This book is a potential classic and a must read for all historians out there. Historically accurate plot and characters. Great read!

If the reader who left this review is here, thank you.

If you haven't read 'The Treasures of Carmelidrium' yet, it's only 99 cents on amazon. I'm saving up money to get a print version but haven't done that yet.
 If there are issues getting to the right site, they are posted on my side bar too.

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Here are more recent reviews.
on December 19, 2015
Great book! Enjoyed reading this one for the past week and I am badly hooked to it's intriguing story line.
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on December 26, 2015
Great story! I can't believe I only discovered this now. Can't wait to read the next books!
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on January 31, 2016
I never really expected this book to be very good. Now, I'm excited for the next books
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on December 10, 2015
Great story line, I wish I was on a story just like this one and I would surely enjoy

If you'd like to see them all click on Book Reviews for Treasures at the top.

My friend, DL Hammons is running his annual Write Club were you can submit a story and possibly win a fabulous prize.
 Here's the link:

My critique group has two openings. If you're interested tell me in the comments and I'll email you the information.
You must submit a chapter of your current WIP.

Friday, January 29, 2016

My friend, Yolanda Renee's new book and cover reveal.

Yolanda Renee has been my friend since I first started blogging. She is a gifted mystery writer and is announcing the up coming release of her book, Murder & Obsession. Here are the details. 


Flames burn between a hardboiled cop and a gifted artist, but soon extinguish as another man’s obsession ignites into an inferno of desire, driving him to destroy the object of his madness.

As wedding bells echo like the ring of toasting champagne glasses in the ice carved mountains of Anchorage Alaska, detective Steven Quaid rehabs his grandfather’s cabin into a honeymoon cottage for his new bride.

When he returns from a hunting trip, Steven’s faced with five police officers, who “Want to talk.” Plagued by two unsolved murders, the Department is searching for answers.

The conversation comes to a deafening halt as the team finds a bloody crime scene in the bridal suite. "Where's her body?" is a question Steven cannot fathom. 
Steven’s jaw clenches and his heart races. Images of Sarah streak through his mind.
The silence breaks as an explosion of accusations vibrate through every fiber of his being.

Steven bolts…
Although running is never the smart thing to do, Steven’s not thinking clearly and his escape into the wilderness of the Brooks Range proves almost fatal.

This Steven Quaid mystery is both personal and heartbreaking.

At one time Alaska called to me and I answered. I learned to sleep under the midnight sun, survive in below zero temperatures, and hike the Mountain Ranges. I've traveled from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, and the memories are some of my most valued. The wonders, mysteries, and incredible beauty that is Alaska has never left me and thus now influence my writing.

Despite my adventurous spirit, I achieved my educational goals, married, and I have two wonderful sons. Writing is now my focus, my newest adventure!

You can find me here:
Twitter @Yolanda Renée
Author Page: Amazon

New Covers:

After a gritty detective becomes involved with a beautiful widow suspected of murder, rumor and obsession obstruct his quest for justice.

World damnation is a psychotic man’s goal, but two obstacles stand in his way, greed and a dedicated detective. 

Sounds like a great read. Give it up for Yolanda.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's a new year, 2016 Insecure Writer's Support Group.

Greeting all on this first Wednesday of the month. Once again, it's the first Wednesday of the month and in this case, of the year. Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh. it's also the first post of ISWG for the year.

Insecurities. What are they?

When my daughter was a newborn, I was a little insecure about feeding her, bathing her, getting her dressed and changing her diapers. That all passed in a few short days. Why? Because I had experience and experience builds confidence. Even so, we are often plagued by our insecurities. At the tender age of 64, I can tell you, much of those insecurities are swept away in the aging process.

So besides insecurities, what are your writing goals for 2016?

Mine are to finish, The Rise of Lord Sinon, I'm in the first round of edits now. To write another Halloween Collection and a faerie collection for both Christmas and Valentine's Day next year. Not enough time for V. Day this new year. And of course, to start on Book three of my epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Gil-Lael. If you look at it all bunched together it looks overwhelming, but if you handle each thing a day at a time you can succeed.

What are some of your insecurities and/or writing goals?

To read what others have to say go here.

To purchase any of my books, click the link in the side-bar. A review is always appreciated. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WEP Dec. 2015 Challenge, Stow-Away-Faerie

Time for the December WEP Challenge. Write...Edit...Published was founded by Denise Covey and is a wonderful way for writers to step up to the challenge of crafting a flash fiction story in 1,000 words or less. Denise is joined by Yolanda Renee in hosting these challenges. You never know what the two of them will come up with.

Mars, courtesy of Wikipedia

This month we are challenged to write Science Fiction. What!?! I'm a fantasy writer. There's a good reason for that. I don't know anything about mega ships, or mini ships either. I didn't do so well in science. Hello. I like making stuff up not researching what is way too tech for me.

Okay, okay...I loved Asimov's, The Foundation Trilogy. I also think Star Trek is great. I saw, The Martian, starring Matt Damion and thought that was fantastic. So Sci-fi isn't totally foreign to me. But, I'm still a fantasy writer. So below, I give you a fantastical sci-fi tale. Enjoy.


Hopscotch was in trouble. He’d been warned countless times to leave human technology alone. But he was curious and he simply couldn’t help himself.

            He peeked out from behind the oversized white suit at the men as they floated around the capsule. One of them grabbed the suit that sheltered Hopscotch and quick as a blink, his faerie wings speed him to another spot.

            All seven humans suited up. Three headed back to the command deck while four floated down to the lower belly and entered an attached spaceship. Hopscotch followed the four wondering what had brought about this sudden change. He whisked by a human who turned and shut the door, securing it tight.

            Wait…what was going on?

            The men strapped themselves into their chairs. The one named Thomas pushed a button and spoke. “All systems responding, we’re ready Commander.”

            A voice came through the box in front of the men. “Release to Mars in 3…2…1”

            A sudden tug sent Hopscotch floating away from his hiding spot. He managed to stay concealed.

            “Thrusters engaged,” Thomas said.

            Hopscotch was pulled backward.

On board the spaceship was a greenhouse were Hopscotch had hidden and eaten. There was no greenhouse on this shuttle. He never should have followed these men.

            They sped toward the red planet.

            “Preparing to dock,” Thomas said.

            “Valles Marineris,” Sanchez said.  


For three days, Hopscotch watched the four humans climb down the ladder onto Valles Marineris, a valley with channels. On their return they sat at a small table and ate from sealed food pouches while Hopscotch felt his belly rumble from hunger.

            “My experiment to drill down and extract water is progressing,” Sanchez said.

            “I’ve taken the containers to the site for collection,” McDougal said. “The problem is, how we are going to keep it from freezing.”

            “You don’t want too much of it escaping or the oxygen in the water will form storm clouds and those storms can cover the entire planet and last for months.” Thomas waved his spoon in the air.

            Smith didn’t say anything.

            “I saw that fly we brought aboard. Can’t imagine how it’s survived so long.” McDougal rubbed his nose.

            Hopscotch knew they meant him when they talked about the fly.

            When he had first found himself in outer space with the humans, Hopscotch had woven a spell and created his own spacesuit. The next day he wore it. When the hatch opened he was protected. Hopscotch buzzed past them on their way outside. While the men worked, he flew around the area towards the mountains and back. There was little of interest for a faerie. No trees, bushes or flowers. No sparkling lakes. No animals scurrying after food. Only dry red soil.

            His belly growled. Hopscotch flew toward Sanchez and McDougal. A loud pop…water burst from the pipe, shot out into the atmosphere and froze in place. The men worked to seal the brake. Thomas struggled in his suit to their side. Storm clouds appeared beyond the mountains. Hopscotch didn’t think they would have formed that quickly but he wasn’t sure.

            “Back to the shuttle,” Thomas said. The men left. Hopscotch waited…watching…planning. He’d been thinking hard about Mars. He’d been bored and hungry and needed a purpose. The clouds billowed closer.

            Closer…Hopscotch set to work…wand at the ready he flew high into the sky. The storm engulfed him. He couldn’t fight the enormous wind and so he allowed the storm to suck him inside.

            Hopscotch whipped his wand.  “Atmosphere.” The air swirled. Dust impeded his vision. Hopscotch flew inside the storm and circled Mars, repeating his command. “Atmosphere.” He flew around the entirety of Mars three times, giving his command. “Atmosphere.”

The dust began to settle and the sky turned blue. When he reached the shuttle again, Hopscotch flew down to the pipe Sanchez had drilled and tapped it with his wand. “Release.” Water gushed from the pipe and flowed along a crevice into a nearby crater.

            For days, Hopscotch worked diligently, tapping the ground, calling the name of one plant after another. Soon, grass began to form. Bushes grew from tiny sprouts to bloom with berries and flowers. A lush orchard of apples and pears dotted the hillside. Tiny bees appeared to pollinate the new growth. An oasis of splendor spread forth on the Martian soil. Finally, Hopscotch could eat. He removed his space suit and dined on berries.

            The four humans emerged and walked to the green landscape. They stood, looking around them in wonder. Hopscotch left his flower and flew to where they stood. Thomas removed his helmet and the others followed.

            Hovering before the men Hopscotch bowed. “I give you earth on mars.”

            Sanchez opened his mouth to speak.

            McDougal uttered, “I’ll be a fried oyster.”

            Smith, quietly scratched his head. He never did have much to say.

            Thomas said, “You’re the fly.”

            “I am faerie. God grants that we look after all life. Mars was in desperate need and I was hungry.”

Word Count: 829

There you have it. What do you think?

To read more Sci-Fi flash fiction stories go here. We are going through Dec. 19, so they may not all be ready yet.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group December 2015

The last post of the year! IWSG was founded by Alex. J. Cavanaugh and has grown to offer a support group and critique group on Facebook. Very impressive.

So, what are you insecure about? Or, can you offer encouragement to others? To read what others have written, go here.

For this last post, I find myself insecure about two things. They are ongoing.

1. My health. I have vasculitis, a form of cancer which has been in remission since I left the hospital at the beginning of April 2014. However, my specialist has me on medication that makes me so tired I hardly get anything done. With an early death a real possibility, I fear not being able to complete my stories.

2. Money or the lack thereof. I am handicapped and unable to work a real job. I was turned down for disability and sweating to make ends meet every month. I wanted to start a small press, but with my fatigue that seems a bad idea. To start a small press, I need classes in promotion, and other business stuff. I am plain too tired.

For the encouragement part, I am determined to pull through. After all, my wonderful grandmother lived to be 104 and a half years old. If she can do it, why not me?

Now for some disturbing news. Amazon is deleting any review they deem written by a friend or family member. If you give a book away, and that person leaves a review, Amazon thinks you paid for the review. Here's the link to the post about it. Disappearing Amazon Reviews.

It might be time to expand away from Amazon.

To end, let me wish you all Happy Holidays.

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