Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group

It's time for another addition of ISWG, created by Alex J. Cavanuagh.

Today I'm going to make this short. In the post below you'll find my two newest e-books. Both are flash fiction stories and in the next couple weeks I'll have an additional 5 join  them. I'm hoping that readers will finally discover me. Trapped Memories Linger will be free as soon as Amazon changes the status.

Why am I Insecure?

Well, that has to do with my general inability to believe in myself. All I can say is; how we raise our children matters. What we instill in them is important. Even so, life sometimes leaves a stable person wounded. I am one of those. But I have the attitude. "Never give up, never surrender." Galaxy Quest.

I'll let you know if my strategy works.


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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Now Available, Romancing Wisteria


I'm pleased to announce my e-book, Romancing Wisteria is now available for just .99.


If you purchase this book, please leave a review. To purchase go here.

Book cover by me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Write...Edit...Publish, Mirror, mirror.

Time to indulge in a short flash fiction story in the blog hop with Write…Edit…Publish, a fabulous once monthly challenge created by my wonderful Aussie friend, Denise Covey. To participate or to read other wonderful stories go here.

The challenge this month is to write a story in 1,000 words or less. The topic is Changing Faces.  

Mirror, mirror.

Still half asleep I rinsed off the scrub I’d used to wash my face and reached for the towel. Once dry I blinked at my reflection and turned to see if someone was behind me. No one. I gazed with disbelief at the woman staring back at me. Unbelievable.  My red hair was gone and in its place were black locks.  In fact, nothing about me was the same. Instead, I looked like that bimbo on that reality T.V. show. You know the one. Gorgeous, yes, but she had a trashy mouth and boobs the size of watermelons. Ugh!

Staring down at my enormous chest I knew none of my bras would fit. Could I even get my clothes on?

I crept out of the bathroom to my bedroom and shut the door. How did this happen? Okay, I had a wart on my chin. Mom believed in holistic medicine and herbal remedies. This wasn’t the first time she’d gone to the Wiccan at the end of the block for a remedy. The instructions said I should take one teaspoon before bed. But I figured, if one teaspoon would remove the wart, the whole bottle should get rid of all my imperfections, not turn me into a reality T.V. look-a-like. What was I going to do now?

I peeled my legs into my blue jeans and grabbed my brown hoodie. The zipper wouldn’t go over my gigantic breast. I reached for my pull over navy hoodie and struggled until I managed to get it to my midriff. I thought I was going to rip my pants when I leaned over to tie my shoe laces. The waist was too small and the hips too tight. Done, I tiptoed from my room and exited the back door. Running around the house I made the mall that was three blocks away. Not my favorite shopping destination but hay, I had to get something fast.

Fortunately, despite my new body my personal taste in clothes hadn’t changed. Within half an hour I had new blue jeans, undies, bra and a red hoodie. Yeah, I’m a little obsessed with hoodies but I needed to pull up a hood and hide my newly dark hair.

I knew my next destination, the neighborhood Wiccan. Her house was five houses from mine and painted forest green. She grew herbs in a raised bed by the front door. The scent was sweet and spicy all at the same time. I rang her bell and it tolled the notes of ‘Monster Bash’. Clever.

Ms. Frederick opened the door. “Oh my,” she said. “I never miss a single show.”

“It’s me, Penelope Sanders,” I said. “My mom got the wart remedy from you yesterday and I woke up like this.”

Disbelief colored Ms. Frederick’s green eyes amber. Her mouth opened, then shut and she bit her lips before at last speaking. “Come in Penelope.”

Her house smelled of sandalwood incense and chocolate chip cookies. I wrinkled my nose and followed her to the dining room table.

“Please sit,” she said and waddled off to the kitchen. When she returned she had a plate of cookies and put them down along with a glass of milk in front of me. How old did she think I was? I indulged anyway since I hadn’t eaten yet.

“Did you follow my instructions?” Ms. Frederick asked.

“Well,” I said, swallowing my half eaten bite quickly. “Not exactly.”

“Tell me.”

“I just figured that if one teaspoon could get rid of a wart, the whole bottle would clear up my acne and maybe even get rid of the scar where they removed my appendix. You see, I have a bikini I can’t wear because of it and---“

“The whole bottle! Oh my, oh dear.” Ms. Frederick stood and paced on the other side of the table. “Oh dear.” She wrung her hands and glanced in my direction several times. “Oh no.”

“You can fix this, right?”

She stopped, stared at me for a moment and then sat. “I have no idea, this has never happened before. It might be permanent.”

“But why do I look like this?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I was watching the show, ‘Late Night with the Marshalls' when I made the potion.’”

“Great.” My turn to pace. The sandalwood incense had deposited so much smoke in the house that I coughed.

“I don’t like that chick and I don’t want to look like her.” I put my hands on my trim waist, another side effect that I had to admit was pretty awesome.

“I’m sorry Penelope, I’ll try to come up with a remedy but in the meantime, perhaps you could earn some money impersonating Ms. Marshall.”

“You can’t be serious.” I marched from the room and slammed the front door shut. What would mom do when she saw me? I hesitated before opening the front door.

“Who are you?” Mom asked.

At that moment I was really glad my voice hadn’t changed. “It’s me Mom, the wart stuff had a side effect.”

Her mouth opened before she sat down and cried. I joined her.

High School was hard after my change, but I survived and now I’d come to terms with my new appearance. One thing Ms. Frederick was right about was the money I could make impersonating Ms. Bimbo Neurotic Marshall. After five years, no remedy in sight, I owned my own home and drove a great little sports car. Life is good.

Word count: 920

I hope you enjoyed my little story. Please head over and read the other fabulous tales of Changing Faces at Write…Edit…Publish.

Next month is….spooky Halloween. Time for a ghost story. I encourage you to join us.


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Insecure Writers Support Group, Critique

Time again for the ISWG post, created by Alex J. Cavanuah. To read what others  have posted go here.

I'm not feeling insecure at the moment, but I am feeling a little frustrated. I've been trying to find quality critique partners for some time. My health is finally on the mend enough to allow me to concentrate on my writing and my art for book covers. Critique is an integral part of writing.

What is critique? You may ask.

There are two kinds of critique, maybe more.

Line critique which generally checks for grammar and spelling.

Story critique which checks for the following:
Back story
POV shift
Show don't tell
Plot and more.

I'm very good at the latter.

It is very important that when you send your writing to a critique partner that you first re-read what you have written more than once and correct as much as you can. Our time is valuable, to send off your rough draft is rude.

How to read your critique:
It's important to remember that all critique is opinion. However, much of it is educated opinion. 99% of the time it will be spot on, so consider revising what has been recommended. However, if you really disagree with the comment you shouldn't revise it. If your critique partner didn't understand something, there's a good chance the reader won't either.

So now you've written your story, you've had it critiqued, do you need a beta reader. Not really. Do you need an editor? Absolutely. Especially for those of you who are self publishing. Hire and editor. I know several if you need a reference.

So, that's it for now.

Come and join me for the Write...Edit...Publish challenge later this month. Title: Changing Faces. Go here to learn more.