Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interview with a psychopath:

My name is Sarah Cummings, investigative reporter extraordinaire. In the past ten years I've been involved in researching the criminally insane and other psychopaths for online magazine 'Beware.' I'm also an avid fantasy junky and when I learned of the new epic fantasy, 'The Treasures of Carmelidrium,' to be released soon on Amazon's kindle, I knew I had an opportunity to do an amazing interview with the villian, Renywk, Lord of the Symberveen.

Insider sources told me that he was unique in that he could literally read minds and control them. Of course, I didn't believe this. I mean, who could? The interview would be problematic on another level as well. He doesn't live in this world but in another one. I am familiar with the idea of many universes shared by all of us, a reoccurring theme in fantasy and science fiction works. But, how could I visit and return? Clearly I needed a port key, or something similar. The author, N. R. Williams, was kind enough to put me in contact with the holders of this key, but they refused to give me access, claiming that it was too dangerous. However, they did make arrangements for me to submit questions to Renwyk and return them for this post. Here they are:

Sarah: Why do you go by the title: Renwyk, Lord of the Symberveen?

Renwyk: It is a title no other could have.

Sarah: (Okay, that was vague. I hope the next question will be answered.)

Sarah: The reports claim that the symberveen are monsters?

Renwyk: The symberveen are beast native to Gil-Lael. They have an amazing talent for hunting and killing their prey that I find useful.

Sarah: How do you communicate with the symberveen?

Renwyk: Telepathically. We share the same talent.

Sarah: What talent is that?

Renwyk: I am not prepared to say more.

Sarah: Some claim that you want to take over the government?

Renywk: Who is reading this? Do I have your sworn word that no one in Gil-Lael will see my answers?

Sarah: Of course no one in Gil-Lael would read it. I had to reassure Renwyk and now I am waiting for his response.

Next post continues tomorrow.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Is this you interviewing your character?

Patricia Stoltey said...

I love this technique of interviewing characters, or even having characters write a post from his or her own point of view. Well one.

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you both. Yes, I am Sarah Cummings. I thought it would be much more interesting to have a character like Sarah do the interviewing.