Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Ocean Journey

Yes folks, their is a huge aquarium in  Denver, Colorado the mile high city. I'm sure these fish have never been this high before. Shhh...don't tell them, they are all under water.

My daughter, her four year old son, his father and I...or should I have started with I? I had a teacher drill it into us that the I was last and forever since I have done that even though I am now told it is wrong. Anyway, we went to Ocean Journey a couple weeks ago.

There was a time when my children were little that someone, I think my sister, let them watch Jaws. Everyday I had to reassure them that there were no sharks in Colorado. Not anymore, take a look at this guy. Do you know what he is staring at? My daughter. For a very long time. Did someone ring the dinner bell?  He continued to stare at her until all the people there began to notice and remark on it. We hated to disappoint him but we moved right along.

One of the attractions are Bengal Tigers. No good, I spotted a paw way up high, they were sleeping.

Here is another picture:

Someone once shared that they had a job as a Mermaid when they were young. I don't remember who that was, but I can assure you that this skill is still practiced here in Denver. We didn't catch the show but they have a mermaid swimming with the sharks and...wait for can sign up and swim with them too. After the above incident with that shark, I don't think I will.

One last picture.

I hope you enjoyed Ocean Journey. Now some other news. Laurie has posted an interview with me, myself and I. See...the I is last again. I hope you will head over and read a little bit about my book, The Treasures of Carmelidrium. My short story, The Magic of Windlier Woods, will be available soon. See the awesome book covers on either side of this post. Happy Monday all.


Duncan D. Horne said...

I'm glad you didn't go for a dip with the shark!

The marine life is amazing.

Duncan In Kuantan

Jamie said...

I think that shark would make me just a bit nervous...

Beautiful photography.

Thanks for posting. :)

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Duncan and Jamie for dropping by, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Jeffrey Pierce said...

Thank you so much for sharing. It's been years since I've been to an aquarium and the virtual vacation was a real treat. :)

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Jeffrey, I'm glad you liked it.

Siv Maria said...

They say that space is the last frontier, but Maybe it is the ocean. I love it! Your post today is great, so now I am off to see if the interview is there today :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Is Ocean Journey located at the Denver Zoo?

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Siv, I appreciate that.

No, Ocean Journey is separate from the Denver Zoo. Thanks for stopping by Alex.


The Golden Eagle said...

I love your "O" post! Great pictures. :)

Off to check out the interview!

Holly Ruggiero said...

I liked it! But your sister, oh my, Jaws is scary for kidlets.

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Golden.

Yes Holly, that was my reaction too.

Thank you both for dropping in and leaving a comment.