Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Classify Social Status Issues

Hi everyone
It seems I won't be able to blog until I replace the internet provider. I'm broke at the moment since we moved and that was costly. I anticipate sometime next week. Currently, I can't go to anyone elses blog and I can't leave comments on my own blog half the time.

Alex J. Cavanaugh asked me:

Where would you classify social status issues? (Or something to that effect?)

I'm not sure what you mean Alex. If you are talking about morality in America, it is in a sad state. I believe the Ten Commandments should be taught in school. Children need to connect to their conscious and know right from wrong. The schools focus is on self esteem more than any other moral or ethical issue. Self esteem is important, but so is morality. Do we really want the 'bully' to feel good about themselves regardless of their behavior? Do we want children to rise to the challenge of learning and achieve their best or to feel good about themselves no matter their personal effort in school? Feeling good about yourself is a reward. While depression is a serious issue, let us not confuse it with self esteem. There are many and varied reasons for depression. A chemical imbalance in the body, being the target of bullies, a learning disability, problems at home, etc.

For the atheist out there who want no religion taught in school I have a few opinions. Did you know that the public school system, the first of its kind, was established in America so that the people would be able to read the Bible? I ask you, when you curse, who's name do you take in vain? I bet it isn't your Senators name, I bet it is Jesus. If you don't believe in Jesus or in God, why do you do that? It is because all people have a sense that there is something more out there, even you.

For all the Scientist out there. I believe that science will and is proving the existence of God every day. I don't doubt for one moment that when God spoke the universe into existence it sounded a lot like a Big Bang. There is no missing link. Man is unique in many ways and capable of great things.

Are you an Alien enthusiast who believes that alien's are the reason man is who he is? Let me say this, I do not doubt that there are aliens. The universe is vast. But that doesn't mean that aliens came to earth and monkeyed around with our DNA. It doesn't mean that the ancient people established multiple 'gods' because of the visitors from beyond. Maybe they did, but to say in an all inclusive way that this is the Only reason is naive. I think it is more likely that there was an imaginative writer who told stories and made things up. I do that all the time and I have never seen or been abducted by an alien. It doesn't stretch the imagination very far to then figure out that a few power hungry individuals saw a way to control and manipulate the mass population by exploiting the belief in multiple 'gods.'

I'll stop here...I probably went too far. I have no idea if this is the answer Alex wanted. I hope no one was offended. You are entitled to your beliefs as am I. I will not belittle you personally for any of your beliefs.

I hope to see  you next week.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

I like knowing people's belief systems, and like you I won't belittle anyone for their beliefs. I think a real problem in our society is that people get mocked or shunned for certain beliefs while whole liberal vs. conservative issues have polarized our society.

Hope you're back online soon! I found this post very interesting and if anyone got offended they need to chill.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, you really thought all of that out!
Guess I should've been more clear on social status - as in, one is from one sort of family or race and the other is from a different family or race. Hate to use Romeo & Juliet as an example, because I don't mean to that extreme, but that's kind of the idea.
Sorry if I messed you up! Crap, I'm going to just slink back over to the support group now...

Jules said...

OMG, LOL!!! I think you might be a bit stressed Nancy but I love your answers. Sick 'em...

I'd like to add "The Big Bang
Theory," I will never believe I am the result of a universal fart! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Nancy .. hope you get your internet up and running soon ..

Belief - I think we should just respect each other for who we are .. we don't know and will never find out in our earthly lifetimes .. let's make the best of this world by working together and giving our kids the best shot at life.

Cheers - have a peaceful weekend sorting your new home out etc .. Hilary

L'Aussie said...

Hi Nancy! I'm so relieved to have you back with all guns firing! The move etc must have been stressful and not being able to write for 2 months a killer! It will take awhile to settle down again so try to take it a bit easy or you'll blow a fuse.

It'd be nice if everyone lived by our moral code but it'll never happen.

Had to chuckle at Alex's response. Currently working with Romeo & Juliet with my Year 10s ATM. Status surely has more of an impact than we think.

Thinking of all you guys on the 10th anniversary of Sept 11.


Michael Di Gesu said...


So sorry to hear about you internet loss. You have had quite the few months. How is Mom? I know you mentioned she had cancer? Then the move, and now this.

I think of you often and I have been busy running around Canada for a while and finishing up my latest novel. I am sending out this week.

Now I have a bit more blogging time. I send you lots of blog love, a bear hug, and a bit smile. I miss you and I hope things get better for you NOW.


N. R. Williams said...

Thanks everyone. We have a new internet provider and I am on my way to all your least I hope so.