Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Last month I wrote a short piece for the RFW's A- Z Challenge with my heroine meeting a Texas Ranger. To read that story go here.

Since there were requests for more about Isadora, I thought I would continue the tale in this flash fiction submission for Romantic Friday Writers. I hope you enjoy.

Night on the Town.

Isadora sprayed the 'Drenched in Pink' cologne she'd picked up from 'Victoria Secrets.' The flower scent enhanced the daylily dress she'd bought. Tonight she'd show Colorado hospitality to Detective Stetson, who she met a year ago when her sisters were killed in a car crash on vacation in Houston, Texas.

Detective Stetson; she really should stop calling him that, his name was Trevor.

He had remained by her side during her ordeal, then they had spent spare weekends getting to know each other, now it had progressed to who should move where. The Texas Rangers were established in the late 1800's and didn't have a branch in any other U.S. State. If Trevor moved to Denver he could no longer be a ranger, but every police department in the city would love to have him. If Isadora moved to Texas she would have to abandon a promising career with a future and no guarantee of finding a job in Houston in the current economy.

Why, in the 21st Century, did men still expect their women to drop everything to be by their side? Or was Trevor just old fashioned?

"Hi beautiful," Trevor said when Isadora opened the front door. She gave him a warm kiss as greeting, almost melting into his strong arms. Once settled in his rental car, she rattled off the directions without telling him the name of the restaurant.

"I-70 west toward the mountains."

An hour later, Trevor opened the passenger door outside 'The Fort.' Isadora emerged and gazed at the adobe restaurant in Morrison, Colorado, a prefect fit for a man like Trevor. Inside they were greeted and soon had an actor dressed as a mountain man uttering a riddle they had to solve for a free drink.

"No idea," Trevor laughed. Isadora shrugged her shoulders, she'd forgotten about this. Trevor hesitated between trying elk or buffalo. Isadora knew already it had to be prime rib.

She itched to proclaim the benefits of Denver and Colorado as a whole over the hot and humid climate of Texas. She knew from former visits that he enjoyed biking and strolls through the park. What better than hiking through the mountains with binoculars to gaze at Big Horn Sheep, Deer and other wildlife?

Isadora bit her tongue to prevent anything slipping out that might ruin their time. She watched Trevor savor his buffalo.

"My partner wants you to join me at his home next month for dinner."

Isadora smiled. "If it works out for me to come that would be great. Not sure if I can leave work right now."

Midnight stars greeted them as they left 'The Fort.' Trevor pulled her close against the rental and kissed her. "We should stop meeting like this." His whisper tickled her ear.

"How else, my love, do you prefer to meet?" Regret emerged before any other thought.

"On the plains of Texas riding my two horses. A little more practice will improve your skills."

"We have horses in Colorado." Damn, why did she say that?

He bristled. "I'm a Texas Ranger."

"I have a career."

"Let's not fight." His frown didn't match his words. Isadora moved away from him. If they fought tonight all her scheduled excursions would be for not.

"Let's not," she agreed. "I know a warm bed that waits."

His grin ignited a need in her that no career could satisfy.

"Shall we?" He opened the passenger door and Isadora slipped in.

Word Count 574

If you enjoyed this I may continue their story when the RFW prompt allows. After all, I'd like to know who moves where. Does Trevor leave the Texas Rangers for love? Or does Isadora do what women have always done traditionally? Update: We have found a place to live. This means I'm super busy and equally tired. I may lose the internet. I have Monday's post scheduled. I'll do my best to visit you all. Thanks for understanding. Nancy


DeniseCovey _L_Aussie said...

Hi Nancy. I'm glad you're well enough to post. Well done with continuing the story of these two. I really loved the bar scene in your first episode.

I for one would like to see you continuing the story. There's a real spark between these two and I'm wondering if Isodora will get her way and stay in Colorado - with or without her Texas Ranger.


Anna said...

Wonderful story, Nancy!
I hope you can let us know what happens. Colorado sounds wonderful! I think he should just be a police officer there. But men have their pride!

Forgive me for not emailing to you. I will explain in an email. I'm still struggling with my tax returns and now they are late!

Best wishes & hugs,

For the benefit of other readers:
Anna's RFW challenge 35 - 'What's in a Name?'

Anna said...

Dear Nancy,
I wanted to read the earlier story or stories about Trevor and Isadora but cannot find it(them). You have neglected to provide a direct link from the word 'here'.

Take your time. I kept clicking on 'Older Posts' hoping to find it, but got to reada bout a lot of other interesting things.

Best wishes & hugs,

Donna Hole said...

these two are so great together. Loved the way the romance is progressing, slow and steady. This reflects the decisions of today quite well. Online dating creates great meetings, and then all the decisions about careers and lifestyles and everything.

I know they didn't meet online, but distance dating issues you explore brings online dating to mind to me - and seem to embody the same barriers.

You handle his resistance and her self sufficiency very well in this. Excellent characters, and a good story plot for a series.

Thanks for posting this week Nancy.


Scheherazade said...

That was a nice slice of life and an interesting dilemma for your two characters. Now we're waiting to see what you do with these two.

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks everyone. Blogger erased my earlier comments to you all so I'll leave this at that.

Andy David said...

Hello Nancy.
I didn't know the history of these two, but there's definitely a lot of hot air, cold air blowing about. It can be difficult as well when both live in separate states with their own careers and no one is willing to give it up for the other. Enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.

Last Dance

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Andy
Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by.

Francine Howarth: UK said...


Sorry, I'm late getting around this weekend.

Hee hee, loved Detective Stetson!

Great interaction and good conflict going on... Nicely penned and good pacing. ;)


Kiru Taye said...

What a dilemma! I thoroughly enjoyed this story Nancy. I'd really love to see how these two move on from here. So I hope you'll write more.

I couldn't quite fit it to prompt image.

But write more! :)