Tuesday, June 12, 2012

American Politics: And the Nominees are...

Hello everyone. It looks like I can't promise anything in regard to regular blogs. I hope to have the computers up and running sometime in July and internet service shortly after. Meanwhile I'm stuck at the library and can't gaurantee when I'll make it in. I promise to devote time to each of you when I'm able.

So...that said, I'll wait to continue my Deadly Sin post with your hero/heroine until I can give it the time it deserves.

I am writing three stories the old fashioned way at the moment. One is a novella that takes place before the action of my e-book, The Treasures of Carmelidrium. The other two are children's books. One is complete but no art yet so in the meantime I'm working on it's sequel and a Christmas book inspired by my granddaughter.

Now for our feature presentation. Popcorn anyone?

American Politics...the nominees are:

Looks like Romney for the Republicans and Obama for the Democrats. Why is it that you can land a job with experience but in politics experience seems to be a dirty word?

If I'm an employer, the first thing I want to know is: Can you do the job? Hay, that's a fair question. If you are a repubican you will claim that Obama hasn't fixed the economy. If you have any memory at all you will know that Obama said it would take longer than 4 years. If you are a democrat you will have heart trouble over Romney. Both think the other party borders on stupidity. This is why I don't participate, cause I'm not stupid.

So, purly from the perspective of an American citizen I want to ask. Does Romney remind you of Richard Gere's character in pretty woman? Or of pirates on the open sea before Johnny Depp turned priates into all time super cool guys? Let's take a narrow minded close up.

Romeny was CEO of a company that took over failing buisness', fired all the American workers, sold off the company in bits and pecies and pocketed the profit. Do you really want this guy as our President? Where is the scene where Julia Roberts takes him to a park to walk barefoot and smell the flowers? Richard got a conscious afterwards, I think Romney left his in the limo.

Family story time:

During the Great Depression, Roosevelt had some pretty unpopular plans to save America and get everyone back to work. Just before the election for his third term as President, or maybe it was his second, you can correct me, it's okay. The jobs started coming back to America. Roosevelt hadn't been popular until that happened.

My grandparents were farmers in Minnesota on rich abundant land. They didn't have the issues of the mid-west dust bowl. They fed their entire family through the depression into WWII. At that time, with so many American's fighting overseas, German prisoners of war where brought in to help harvest the crops.

My grandfather took one of them aside and said. "Do you like Hitler?"

The German soldier was a young man around 17 years, he said. "Do you like Roosevelt?"

My family were Republicans from the time of Lincoln. You can imagine my grandfather's reply.

See you all next time. I hope it is sooner than later.



Anna said...

Dear Nancy,
Thanks for visiting my treasury-post about dragons.
I have written a long reply to you there.
I enjoyed reading this post about politics. Love the story about the German prisoner of war working on your grandfather's farm!

Best wishes & hugs,

For the benefit of other readers:
Dragons of Europe

J.L. Campbell said...

I hope you get your computers up and running soon. Must be hard to go back to paper and ink when the pc is so much quicker. Time passes quickly anyway.

DeniseCovey _L_Aussie said...

Hey NANCY, brave girl! I hope you don't get too many vitriolic replies. I always shake my head with political parties and how long it takes to elect an American President. Bleeding heart me keeps thinking of all that money spent on ticker tape and flying criss cross across the States, there could be many homeless fed and people in employment. I'm a political animal but I'll say no more. Or I'll just say, thank God our electioneering is only allowed to last 6 weeks. OMG that's enough already!


Southpaw said...

Hopefully your are getting lots of other stuff done while your internet is out.

N. R. Williams said...

Hey Anna, always a pleasure, I'll head over.

Hi J. L., Yes paper is more difficult. I'm leaving the long descriptions to fill in when I have the PC'S back up.

Hi Denise:
I'm with you. Most American's are really tired of the negative ads already.

Hi Holly
I'm hopeful as well.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.