Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Thoughts Mixed with News

We've been worried about my grandson lately in his first year of school. He is in Kindergarten. Everyday he comes home and says he is in time out. When we ask him what he's learned he says nothing. So today I put aside my notebook where I've been making notes for a rough outline of the sequel to my epic fantasy, and went on a school visit unannounced. Oh was terrible. The teacher is constantly interrupted by a group of children who hit and kick and talk and pull hair. My grandson is so distracted by these children and the teacher so busy disciplining that the day is spent in unproductive frustration.

Before school started all he could talk about was going, he was so excited. Now he is begging to stay home. Less than two weeks in. Tonight is teacher conference, (Thursday as I write this), I guess we will be discussing this situation.

Update: She was offended. My daughter is school shopping starting tomorrow. 

No one has asked to take my classes so I will be shutting down my writing craft blog.

I'm seeking critique partners and/or beta readers. For critique; I've already got several people who are fairly new at writing so I need seasoned writers please. All genre's, I believe genre doesn't matter so much. Good writing is good writing.You know it when  you read it.

Random Thoughts:
Do you love Dr. Suess? Ever since I was a kid I loved his books. They were filled with wonderful art that made you smile and words that made you learn without anyone teaching you. So...

Would we have loved Dr. Suess as much if he was only an illustrator or vice versa, only a writer? Wasn't it the combination of both that made us purchase and devour one book after another? Take 'Horton Hears A Who' for example. If we only had the illustrations of Horton and the Who's without the words, would we have learned the importance of, "A persons a person no matter how small?"

If you're a writer, never infer that your work is better than the illustrator or artist working on your cover or inside pictures. If you're an artist/illustrator never tell a writer that  your work is the reason their work potentially sells. The two are on equal footing. One is not superior to the other. Unless you're William Shakespeare.

Any thoughts?

Horton Hears A Who, Amazon


Andrea Mack said...

Sorry to hear your grandson is havig such a rough start to school!It sounds like he is in a difficult class. I hope things improve!

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Andrea
It really is difficult. Thanks for stopping by.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your grandson definitely needs a better school.
And I appreciate the amazing artwork on my books! Think they are better than the content.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awful classroom situation. I remember being in a 2nd grade class where the teacher dealt with an unruly student by throwing him in the corner of the room and tipping two bookshelves over to trap him there. Yeah, my mom didn't let me stay there very long!

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Milo
That's terrible. I had a teacher who use to hit kids. Laws have changed for the better, but clearly this teacher needs a full time assistant.