Thursday, August 9, 2012

#RomanticFridayWriters: I need a change

I need a change!

I changed my blog too, hehe.

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I Need A Change!

Yeah, you've heard that one before. It's true though, I need a change. After 30 years of a love deprived marriage which I remained in to raise my kids, I really need to do something for me. 


Problem is, I'm clueless. I've spent so much time helping everyone else, even strangers whom I happened upon and needed help. I bet you think I'm in one of those selfless careers now. No, I'm not a teacher, nurse or fire person. Unless you count all the kitchen fires I've started with grease and put out with baking soda. I've never burned down the house. 

I took a class and learned how to blow my own horn. No, no, just kidding. I learned how to play the Native American Flute. It's made out of wood and sounds exotic. I bet you thought I took a trip.

Little did I know I'd meet a fabulous guy. Don't think cliche here, he is a regular guy, nothing fancy, a bit older like me and so kind I thought I'd dreamed to whole thing. Yeah, I know, you want a description. Let's just say, he doesn't ware boxers. 

Did I expect to meet Mr. Right? Never, I was so used to Mr. Wrong who flew off somewhere last year. 

I'm still trying to grasp my freedom from the old man who slept in my bed every night. I'm not sure I want to invite another guy in on a permanent basis.  So I'm taking a cooking class with him. I've been cooking all my life, but it might be nice to share ideas with a man who enjoys Food Network. 

Ah, he's at the door. Excuse me a moment. 

"Richard." His gray hair was nearly white and a little long. He smelled of Old Spice. I know there are new scents around, but I dig the old ones.

"Beverly," he said my name as if the depths of the ocean enhanced his larynx.

"Come in." 

What do you call a guy with a name like Richard when you're mad? Not Dick...

He kissed me. Every cliche in the book happened to me in that moment. I forgot about calling him Dick. I forgot the cooking class, I forgot my complaints. I held him and kissed back.

Does love really happen twice? 

Word Count: 398

So what do you think?

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Madeleine Maddocks said...

Hi Nancy, oh your poor MC sounds like she has confidence issues and can't accept love even when she finds a new one because she seems to have to qualify every kiss and gesture of attraction with the words 'Every cliche in the book happened to me in that moment', I hope she finds the change she needs and some happiness.

Heather Murphy said...

I absolutely think love can happen twice. I couldn't help but be excited for her :)

Sally said...

Hi Nancy, I hope she grabs this second chance with both hands if it is what she wants. If not I hope she has fun finding out. Great story.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Madeleine, Heather and Sally.
Yes, her struggle is one that many women stepping out from abuse take. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping by.

Crystal said...

This was fun... and it was quite thought provoking. I've been married for 9 years and we have three children together. We've had our ups and downs but honestly I feel as if I am just as happy now as the day I was when we first married if not more and with that, I couldn't possibly imagine throwing in the towel over anything, perhaps not even infidelity, not that I've ever really worried about that with my husband. He is very loyal and I am just as loyal to him but I have seen many marriages fall apart and I've seen many women in the same position as your main character.. stuck in a loveless marriage, trying to make things work for the sake of their children. I can't imagine how hard it would be starting over and doing it all again.. learning to put the pieces back together and perhaps finding love again. It would be an incredible journey. So this piece clearly shows that journey and it sounds like she may have found Mr. Right. It was a pleasant read and very fun and inspiring! Thank you for posting!

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Crystal
You're very lucky. I don't know many success stories, but I do know a lot of women who struggle in bad situations. I hope the next generation does better.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Anna said...

Dear Nancy,
Thank you for your offer in your comment on my post. YES PLEASE! I would love to send you some texts. After a turbulent summer travelling, it feels good to be back home. I'm ready to take my writing more seriously! I want to write something exciting and get it published.

I love this story. After my divorce last year, I can relate to your protagonist's fears and apprehensions. But thanks to the fact that my parents had a good marriage, I know in my heart that it is possible to find love - even a second time. (The problem is just that the 'pickins' are fewer.) My children and cats are keeping me on my toes.

What fun! As soon as I finish my income tax returns, I'll send some texts to your email address!

Yippee! (I finally found an accountant who can help me with my taxes, so I am feeling hopeful!)

Take care,
Best wishes & hugs,
For the benefit of other readers:
RFW No.42 - 'I need a change'

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Anna
Yes, we must retain hope I think. I look forward to reading your ms.

Rek said...

Love can happen twice though the risk of rejection and fear of failure cast their shadow. Hope your MC's happiness lasts for a long time.

Adura Ojo said...
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Adura Ojo said...

I like your new look, Nancy.

"What do you call a guy with a name like Richard when you're mad? Not Dick..."

Priceless...made me laugh out loud.

I love your MC's humour. So witty all the way through. Love the sarcastic tone. Now I wish I had a SO called Richard...Just so I can call him Dick when I'm angry.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Rek
Love endures.

Hi Adura
I'm so glad you got the humor. She's a sassy lady. My mother is married to a Dick...yeah, that's his name.

Thank you both for coming by and leaving a comment.

Donna Hole said...

Nancy this is just beautiful. I loved the natural voice, the nearly lyrical style. I like how comfortable she feels with herself, and her choices to move on - but slowly.

I could love this couple, and enjoy their leisurely exploration of each other.

Very well done.


Andy David said...

My dear Nancy,
First of all, please don't call him "Dick" if that is not his name (LOL)!!!! Sounds like a nice couple even though our girl might have second thoughts? Thanks for sharing my friend.

Denise Covey said...

Hi Nancy. So you're back with a vengeance eh? Lovely new look. Lovely voice in your little story. I love your MC so much gritty humour all the way through. Love the allusion to old things - Old Spice, old scents she enjoys. Good for her. She'll definitely get her change.


N. R. Williams said...

Hi Donna
High praise indeed. Thanks so much.

Hi Andy
Dick is a common nickname for Richard. You pointed out that not all readers will automatically know that. Thanks.

Hi Denise
Back is good. Thanks for remaining my friend throughout.


Scheherazade said...

Nice voice. Liked the "Dick" joke. It's a familiar story in our everyday lives--trying to find our way back to love and a balanced life that doesn't stifle us.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi S.
Glad you enjoyed my story. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

'Every cliche in the book happened to me in that moment' ... :)
I really enjoyed the story!
Nice meeting you Nancy