Monday, February 4, 2013

Writing Blurbs

Last week I covered the traditional synopsis and when I did I let you know that there is another type of synopsis as well as the blurb. From my perspective, the second type of synopsis is just a long blurb.

What is a blurb?

Think movies, advertisement and commercials. 

Those seeking an audience for their movies have half a minute of television commercial air time to sell you the desire to cast your money at the box office and see their film. Each commercial must condense a two to three hour movie into that time slot. They do so with carefully chosen scenes and words. How many times have you gone to a movie only to discover that what is played in the commercial isn't actually in the film? Or that the only interesting aspect of the film is what is played in the commercial?

As writers, we must portray our book in the best light. We must chose each word carefully to capture our audience which includes agents, publishers and editors. Several years ago I attended a writing conference where a successful author spoke about blurbs. He had each of us write a single sentence to describe our book. This is what I wrote.

Missie, a modern American University student is thrust through a portal into an alternate world where her flute has the power to heal and to defeat an evil tyrant, Renwyk, Lord of the Symberveen.

He didn't read everyone's blurb but he read mine and said it was very powerful. I got excited.

The synopsis which is like a blurb is designed to appear on the back cover of your book. I've been thinking about re-doing my blurb and synopsis on Amazon so I'll give it a try here. I'm doing so without any practice, just as I write this post. Hopefully I won't fall on my face.

When Missie, a modern American University student is confronted with a sudden entrance into a medieval world she attempts to find a way home. However, she soon learns that her coming is foretold in prophecy and that her flute holds the key to defeating an evil tyrant, Renwyk, Lord of the Symberveen. To make matters worse, Prince Healden has a thing for her. Now, her emotions war against her reason and soon she must come to terms with her situation. Will she find her way home? Or does true love win out and her flute save the world?

In short, what you must do is practice and edit until you have some of the best writing  you can produce.

What do you think of my blurb? How about the synopsis? Since my new book cover will be up soon I think I'll tweak my synopsis as well.

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PS. Today is my 31st Wedding Anniversary, where did the time go?


T. Drecker said...

Happy Anniversary! And Congratulations for making it so long. That's definitely a wonderful accomplishment :)

T. Drecker said...
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N. R. Williams said...

Thanks T.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

After numerous edits and rewrites, I think I finally have the back cover synopsis ready for my third book!!!

N. R. Williams said...

Congratulations Alex.

Carolyn V said...

Awesome! Happy anniversary Nancy!

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Carlyn

Southpaw said...

Congrats! 31 years is pretty darn good!

I like the blurb. The only thing I might suggest changing is the wording for "Prince Healden has a thing for her". It seems to have a different feel from the rest of the paragraph.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Holly
Thanks. I already put the blurb up or I'd change it. Hopefully it will work.