Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing Games

Hi all. I have a new idea to explore for my writing post so I'll run it by you all and see what you think.

One of the best things about a critique group is having a sounding board to toss out ideas. This has saved me when I've been stuck in a rut more than once. So what do you say, we create our own sounding board, our own writing games?

You can share your challenges with me and I'll post them here open for suggestions from other bloggers and writers and I will share my challenges as well? If this strikes  you as a good idea then let me know, leave your email and I'll email you since I don't want to share my new email address due to spam.

I'll start this one off with a current challenge I am struggling with.

One of my projects features a young woman who is striking out on her own to avoid an unwanted marriage. She is inspired to do so by an opinionated elf. As she journeys toward the Capital City she runs into a father and son merchant. Here's the challenge. The young man and my heroine are attracted to each other, they eventually reach the City where the merchant employs my heroine.

Problem: I need to take enough time along the way for readers to get to know the young man better. My heroine barely escapes a run in with highwaymen and has several encounters with the elf, but her love interest doesn't do much because I'm stuck. I've thought about having a tree fall on him, a wild boar try to gore him, but other than that nothing is emerging from my brain. Any ideas?



Southpaw said...

I don't have any suggestion for the problem. But I like the idea you've proposed.

I know the whole not posting your email thing, but I have a suggestion. Try a comment form (I have one). I use Google documents. They have premade generic ones that you can modify to your needs.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Holly
I'll check that out, thanks.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maybe the wild boar goes after her and he saves her instead? I mean, need to show he's willing to defend her. And tough enough to do it.

N. R. Williams said...

Good idea Alex, it's on the list of possibilities.