Saturday, September 21, 2013

Write, Edit, Publish, Moving On

It's time for the September edition of the flash fiction challenge for Write...Edit...Publish. A great place to practice your writing skills. Created by Denise Covey, a great lady from down under. When you are finished reading my submission I hope you leave a comment and then go check out the other great submissions here.

For those of you stopping by to check and see if I'm still breathing, I am. I lost internet, phone and TV services when our apartment transformer blew three weeks ago and the energy company came to replace both electric and gas lines and dug things up cutting through our cable. We do not live in the flood zone that occurred here in Colorado and my entire family is okay. Thanks for your concern.

Challenge: Moving On.

Whisper gazed out across the golden wheat that swayed with the early autumn breeze. She knew when the rain would fall, not for three more days. Time enough for the humans that lived on this farm to harvest their crop with the noisy and smelling giant machine they owned. No amount of education could give her the ability to understand these creatures.

The cat had spotted her lingering on the rich soils of Minnesota. She hurried to finish setting the spell of protection that would end her time on this farm.  Golden wings the color of wheat to mask her appearance fluttered quickly and gave her lift off. She soared between the wheat stalks toward the river that wound its way between farms and gave sustenance to the crops and the faerie den nestled in the apple grove. Nutmeg waited for her there. He had arrived last evening with news from Whispers parents. They had called her home. What awaited her she didn't know. Perhaps her brother had found a faerie bride, or maybe her parents had reached the end of time and would soon pass on into the next world where rumors held the elves had gone. She didn't want to lose her parents, even though she hadn't seen them for over a year. The journey would take her across many states into South Carolina. They would need to catch a flight with a flock of geese who journeyed to warmer climates this time of year.

"You're late," Nutmeg said when she arrived back at the den. All her friends had gathered from their homes well hidden under the trees and rocks. No one could take better precaution from the humans and their animals than this place.

"The spell of protection takes some time," Whisper said.

"The geese have gathered near the pond. They won't wait forever." Nutmeg used the sprig of grass to hit his leg as if that threatened anyone. Whisper shook her head and went to the queen of the farm. "I have been honored by your gifts," Whisper said and curtsied.

"We are the ones honored by your presence Whisper. I hope to see you again in five years."

The spell of protection that Whisper cast lasted five years. This was her gift to faeries all over the Americas. Not so many could cast it and those that received her services treated her to many special nights of song and dance.

Nutmeg led her away. When they reached the geese the birds dipped their heads so that the two faeries could climb on their feathered backs.

"Why have my parents called me home?" Whispered asked Nutmeg as he settled into warm down.

"You'll find out," Nutmeg said short tempered.

Whisper sighed. Now that they had left the faerie den and no other ears where close you'd think that Nutmeg would be more forthcoming. The geese made amazing time and two days later they arrived at the den where Whisper had grown up.

Her parents waited along with many of their family and friends. After kissing both her parents Whisper waited for more news. Neither spoke beyond the welcoming song they sang for her.

"Why have you called me home?" Whisper finally asked.

"It is time for you to wed," her father said.

"We have given Nutmeg permission to wed you," her mother said.

"Nutmeg!?!" Whisper turned and glared at the faerie who had brought her home and displayed only disdain for her. He bowed. "We wed tonight."

"I don't think so." Whisper marched back to the geese before they could lift off. It was time to move on.

604 Words
Full critique acceptable.
Copyright 2013

I hope you enjoyed it.


Denise Covey said...

Nancy, so sorry for your technical problems this month. I'm amazed you managed to get this written in such a short time.

It's great to have your faery stories back again. Love Whisper and her calling back home. Love the flight of the geese, so original. But what is going to happen now? Sounds like Whisper is unenthusiastic about wedding Nutmeg (love the faery names, BTW).

You've got a few typos due to the rush no doubt. You'll pick them up yourself with a quick read through. I'm mainly critiquing your story, not the niggly little bits. If you have any questions, email me.

Thanks for posting a great story for the WEP blogfest. Now the challenge will be to get those who thought the challenge was over to read your piece. Make sure you let everyone know you've posted when you do the rounds...


N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Denise, I will.

Southpaw said...

That was such a fun read! I, too, loved the names and her disdain at the end!

Southpaw said...

Glad to hear you were safe and glad things are starting to get come back together.

Sally said...

I love your fairy storys and the names are just delicious. I noticed a typo as well which I'm sure you will pick up.
It's a very original story and I do hope Whisper finds somebody better than Nutmeg!

The Armchair Squid said...

I love the idea of traveling by goose!

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks on both counts Holly.

Pleased you love my little faerie tales Sally. I'll be doing more with them down the road.

Hi Anne
I'd love to fly by goose too.


Yolanda Renee said...

So wonderful to have you back, I woke up this morning to a virus attack that I managed, fingers crossed, to foil. Anyway, to the WEP, loved your fairy story, and the great attitude of Whisper. A woman, or fairy that knows what she wants and doesn't want! I do hope it works out for her. Nutmeg needs to learn how to woo a lady properly!

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Yolanda
Hope you feel better. Yes, Whisper isn't falling for Nutmeg and boy does he have a bad attitude. Glad you enjoyed it.

Donna Hole said...

Oh precious. I love your faerie stories. This was so sweet, and her determination was well done at the end. That was shocking.


Michael Di Gesu said...

Good for Whisper... No prearranged marriages for her! This the 21 century after all... even in the fairy realm. LOL.

Nice fantasy element, Nancy....

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Donna and Michael. I appreciate your stopping by and leaving the comments and so glad you liked the story.


Nilanjana Bose said...

This was delicious and fun. Glad she isn't marrying against her wishes. The story ended too soon, I would love to read more.

Kelly Steel said...

I loved your take on moving on and glad that your faery stories are back.

Well done with the prompt Nancy!

Adura Ojo said...

Loving the names - whisper, nutmeg. Too cute! wisper has a bit of feistiness to her, doesn't she? Oh well, you know I'm a fan of your writing, Nancy. So there's not much more I can add, really. Glad you're bearing up despite your current hardship with the blown up transformer and all.

I miss your writing about people though;)

Anne said...

Loved your fairy story! It also has come of age with Whisper's defiance of pre-arranged unions. Great post :)

Tony Laplume said...

Enjoyed it.

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Nilanjana, Kelly, Adura, Anne and Tony.

Next month I will feature a human Adura, well sort of. Hehe.

J.L. Campbell said...

Serves Nutmeg right. A girl needs to be romanced rather than commanded to be at the altar.

Really liked the fae theme and the fact that Whisper was out doing good.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi J. L.
Glad you enjoyed my story.

Michelle Wallace said...

I'm rather late popping in to read your story... but I've had a crazy week!

I love the magical feel of your tale... it's so refreshing... and the names Whisper and Nutmeg are perfect!
Whisper has a mind of her own... knows what she wants... good for her! And Nutmeg has quite a bit to still learn...
Writer In Transit

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Michelle
Glad you could stop by and thrilled you enjoyed the story.