Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group, New Years Resolution 2015

Hi, I'm Nancy. I publish my stories under my initials, N. R. Williams. I thought about coming up with an alternate name, but in the end I am who I am. I'm a published author, mom and grandmother. I'm old and gray but I have a twenty something heart.

I want to thank Alex for coming up with this blog-hop.

The first Wednesday of the year and I've been naughty. I meant to post the last two months but time got away from me. So what is your New Year's Resolution ISWG's?

Truthfully, I rarely make resolutions since it seems a set up to fail. So I am calling this my New Years Goal. I'm going to finish the sequel to my epic fantasy, The Treasures of Carmelidrium, titled, The Rise of Lord Sinon. I've written 31,772 words to date.

I'm going to buy Scriveners and Dragon Speak to help me. I'm going to re-edit 'The Treasures of Carmelidrium,' since I found some mistakes when I re-read it. And...I'm going to learn how to promote.

I did think I might try to publish a bunch of flash fiction stories, but I think I'd rather spend my energy on writing the three remaining stories in my fantasy series. After all, having nearly died last spring, I'd like to get them done before I actually do.

What's your New Years Goal?


To purchase kindle version of The Treasures of Carmelidrium. click on link.

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Loni Townsend said...

Egads! Nearly died last spring? Well, I'm glad you didn't.

Sounds like you've got a good plan for finishing your next book. Best of luck!

Yolanda Renee said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan for the New Year!

Wishing all the best with your goals!

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Loni and Yolanda

Anonymous said...

I had a really bad 2014, which meant that I fell way behind on my writing and blogging. My new year's resolution is to do a better job of staying on top of my writing schedule no matter what life throws at me.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Egads is right! Glad you're still here, Nancy. I'm old, grey, and mentally 20+ too! We're related. Happy IWSG. Good luck with your goals.

Sarah Foster said...

Yikes! Glad you're ok. I kind of hate coming up with resolutions because I never follow through with them. Good luck with all of your goals!

Michelle Wallace said...

Hi Nancy. Sorry to read of your health challenge. Glad you're okay.
(At the moment, I cover the little grey that's trying to come through... LOL)
What a great set of goals!
Take care of yourself.

Writer In Transit
January IWSG co-hostess.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Whoa! Glad you're okay and getting ready to write a lot this year. Good luck with all of your writing projects!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's cool you're so far into the sequel. Long time coming!

Fundy Blue said...

Hey Nancy! I'm glad you made it to 2015 ~ So a very Happy New Year to you. I'm with you ~ I find it easier to focus on just a few writing projects. For me it's writing my first book and my blog posts. I'd love to hear how Dragon Speak works out. Happy writing!

Southpaw HR Sinclair said...

Yeah for the sequel! Happy 2015.
(did you know captcha is on?)

alexia said...

Those are great goals! Of course, I already knew some of them since I read what you put up for our crit group. In essence, mine is to get published or set a pub date, whether that's via agent, indie pub, or self pub.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Nancy - love the bio intro! Your goals sound about right - just do and finish all you can .. and that will spur you on for more.

Scrivener and DragonSpeak I'm sure will be excellent purchases ... I'm considering Dragon Speak ...

Happy New Year and here's to finishing your fantasy series and just writing .. cheers Hilary

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks all
I will get back to you, hopefully today.