Friday, April 29, 2016

Book Review, Unity, Laura Maisano


Illirin Book Two

By Laura Maisano

Unity continues were Shism left off. War has torn Illirin apart and it’s up to Gabe and Lea to combine the resistance on Illirin and magic to fight for what they’ve lost. Maisano blends Earth and Illirin, humans and the combined species of Illirin who share more than they differ in a kaleidoscope of emotions, anger, justice and revenge. With Lea’s stubborn will and strong moral compass and Gabes drive to right wrongs, they battle a human wizard and a power hungry politician.
            More than one life is at stake, but two planets which are linked together. Will Gabe and Lea prevail? Or will Illirin forever loose its freedom and earth follow into a global dictatorship? Unity is a marvelous fantasy read.

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