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Faerie Tales, Primrose and Anvil

Greetings and welcome to my blog. As promised, here is the continuation of Primroses story.
If you missed the first story, Stealing Pearls, scroll down to the post directly below this one. I hope you enjoy.

Primrose and Anvil
Primrose flew from the portal stump, past the faerie huts close to their city. Few lights were on. Dawn hovered close to the eastern edge. A sliver of sunlight spread in hues of red along the tips of clouds. She kept the jewelry box before her, maneuvering between trees and bushes. Passing the last hut, she headed toward the banks of the Shimmering River. There, kissing the ground were thousands of primroses in every shade. Ahead was an old willow tree. Its cascade of leaves gracefully touching the sparkling waters of the river on one side. She flew beneath the tree’s canopy and found her hut.
          Entering, she deposited the jewelry box on a table and flew to her stove. The Stove was made of steel. She tapped a burner with her wand and it lite. She grabbed the kettle and filled it with water.
          Her tea collection included one made of primrose petals. She pulled a mug and put the tea into a stainless-steel acorn with holes. While she waited, she sat at her table and glared at the jewelry box. What a night. 
          When the tea was done, she sipped it. The liquid soothed her body. Energy pulsed through her veins. A giddy sensation bubbled up through her throat and she laughed.
Wand in hand, she flew along her dining room wall, admiring all the precious stones that made up her collection of human jewelry. Necklaces hung in a graceful arch. Brooches adorned a section of wall. She stroked the butterfly broach and smiled. On a nearby shelf were all the jewelry boxes that had come from her travels. Some of wood and some of wire and glass as this last one. She brought the primrose jewelry box in from the other room and rearranged the boxes so her latest had a prominent place among her treasures.
Opening it, she removed the necklace first and magically attached it to her wall. She didn’t stop until all the pieces glittered beside the trinkets already there. Not many openings left, she’d have to return to the human world and scout out a new find. Time to rest.
* * *
That afternoon, Primrose removed her multicolored skirt and blouse. While she sang, she tapped the clothes with her wand and sparkles moved over both to clean the smell of the human world from the material. She brushed her hair and tapped the tightly curled locks in the shape of primroses. The emeralds and rubies embedded in the side of her forehead and along her cheek sparkled. She admired their beauty.
          Last, she took a larger pouch and inserted the broken jewelry box within. Tying it to her belt, she flew from her house. As she passed along the delicate plants adorning the river bed, she swept her wand over the petals and released fertilizer to keep them healthy.
          The city bustled with faerie shoppers. A few frogs transported carriages. Giggles circled like bubbles in the air. Primrose avoided them. If she inhaled too many, she’d get drunk on faerie laughter.
          Past the busy shops she flew north until she saw the metal shop. Tall chimneys spouted steam into the air before her. She landed at the door, knocked and entered. Anvil worked to pour hot liquid into a mold. He turned when he heard her.
          His hair was blue black and swept above his head in the shape of an anvil. His eyes were coal black and his hands large and strong for a faerie. He’d never had jewels put in his face. Now, as the steam cleared, she saw it was smudged with ash from the fire.
          Anvil smiled, set down his tools and came toward her. His kiss brushed her cheek and she smelled traces of his faerie essence along with the smells in his shop.
          “Tomorrow night is the May Day dance. Will you come with me?”
          Her smile spread wide. “Of course.”
          He grinned, wiping his hands on the apron he wore.
          “I need something repaired.”
          A frown replaced his smile as he followed her hands to the pouch. “Another jewelry box? Primrose, this must stop. You’ll get in trouble with the elders.”
          “You’re one to talk. How many times have you gone to the human world in search of steel?”
          “That is sanctioned by the council. You know we can’t produce it on our own.”
          “Well, I’m not going to join the mining guild to obtain the jewels I want. Plus, they’re raw and these are cut and polished.”
          “Primrose, I can’t be a part of this much longer. If it’s discovered, I could lose my license.”
          “Please.” She lifted off the ground and planted a kiss on his lips. Her stomach churned. Lies weren’t good. They stole a little magic from you each time.
          “Very well, let’s see it.”
          She produced the jewelry box and showed him the damaged lid.
          “You know I don’t work in gold.”
          “Should I travel again and obtain the gold for you?”
          “No, no, I have enough for this.” He grunted, lifted the jewelry box and opened the unhinged side of the lid. “I’ll have it done in a few days.”
          Laughter tickled her tongue. She tasted the faerie liquor. Twirling, she few high. Anvil caught her and they kissed while hovering above his work station in an embrace.
          “I want to marry you.”
          “Soon.” Her promise hung as she left his arms for the door.
          “The dance tomorrow night,” he called after her.
          “Tomorrow night.”
          Primrose returned home. Her wand swept over the flowers on the opposite side of her hut. The song she sang was a faerie tune, full of love, promise and magic. In a month she’d continue her exploration of the human world. This time she’d be more careful not to damage any future jewelry boxes.

Word count 972

To be continued June 20, 2019

N. R. Williams
© 2019


Christopher Scott Author said...

An interesting follow up to your preview two entries. Overall, the story had a nice sense of pace with simple but, elegant descriptions of the world. Well done.

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Christopher. This is the second half.

NIKE said...

Good taj mahel banane ke lie dolat to milti he magar mohbatt karne ke lie mumtaj nahi milti play bazaar kon kaheta hai taj mahel banane ke lie dolat nahi milti. idea. satta kinig Great .