Friday, December 10, 2010

Guest Author Enid Wilson

Today I would like to welcome Enid Wilson to my blog for my second ever author interview. Enid writes hot, an I mean HOT, sexy, romance with fictitious characters that we already now. I'm sure you will recognize the name: Mr. Darcy...well, he lives again in Enid's new release Fire and Cross.

Here's what smashwords has to say about Enid:

Enid Wilson is the author of My Darcy Mutates, Really Angelic, Bargain with the Devil and In Quest of Theta Magic. The first three novels have been ranked in the top 50 best-selling romances on Amazon USA or Canada. She writes sexy romance in modern, historical, paranormal and science fiction genres.

Enid loves food, Pride and Prejudice, travel and tennis. She has a Masters degree in Arts. She works in advertising and lives in beautiful Sydney. Sounds too tame? You can read her wild stories here.

Take it away Enid.

N.R. said her favorite quote was Rosanne Cash’s saying “The key to change…is to let go of fear”. I think people have all kinds of fear, throughout their lives. For example, some people love to watch crime stories such as Criminal Minds, Law and Order, CSI and so on. Their love for these TV shows often makes them worry about real crime happening to them. Some of them even get so paranoid that they will not go out at night.

In my latest novel, Fire and Cross – Pride and Prejudice with a mysterious twist, many of the characters are faced with gripping fear, which leads them to different decisions in life. Below is an excerpt about it:

Mr. Bennet continued walking for some time, a variety of emotions passing over his face. He looked unhappy and angry. “I am abashed to admit that the fire at Bromley did change me for the worse.”

“I do not understand, sir. You performed a brave act. How could it have changed you for the worse?” Mr. Darcy said.

“When I helped you and your mother outside, we stepped onto a man’s body.” The grey haired gentleman drew in a deep breath. “Do you remember that?”

Mr. Darcy shook his head. He had been too young or confused at that time.

Mr. Bennet continued. “I suddenly thought that I could have died like that man. How could I have left my wife, Jane and Lizzy to fend for themselves? I vowed to make up for them if I was fortunate enough to escape the fire safely. From then on, I started to indulge my wife, showering her with gifts and allowing her to spend beyond our means.”

He stopped again, looking at a building not far away. It was a lovely house, about half the size of Netherfield. Mr. Bennet’s countenance seemed tortured. Darcy was sorry to evoke such painful memories in him.

“Did you know that my estate is entailed away?”

Darcy nodded.

Mr. Bennet continued, “I always thought that Fanny and I would have a son. So when I died, my daughters and Fanny would be taken care of. By the time I realised that I would not have an heir, it was too late to start saving. Fanny started to fear for the future. She became sillier and sillier in her pursuit of rich husbands with which to match the girls.”

He shook his head and picked up his pace. “It is all my fault. I should have been more prudent to save for my children’s future. But instead of doing that, I laughed and joked about Fanny’s silliness, allowing her to indulge the younger girls too. I am utterly ashamed of myself. It is too late now. What can I do at this late hour? Both Jane and Lizzy and all of them will have to suffer for my incompetence!”

Well, what is your fear about the future? Or your fear regarding your writing? Share it here with me. Thanks N.R. for hosting me today.

I’m delighted to give out an e-book of Fire and Cross in pdf format and a lovely souvenir to one lucky reader. Please head over to and register for news and leave a comment here at N.R.’s blog. The novel and my site contain explicit adult content.

Contest ends Dec. 17, 2010 and is open to worldwide readers. Many thanks again, N.R. and your friends. Big hugs from warm sunny Sydney, Enid.

You're welcome Enid. To follow Enid's blog book tour head on over to her site and check out the list of participants. Let the comments begin. Do you have a question for Enid? She'll drop by to answer them.


kobico said...

After the introduction, I was expecting the excerpt to be hot and steamy! Thank you for sharing.

Enid Wilson said...

Thanks Nancy for having me here. Kobico, sorry to disappoint you but I don't want to scare off Nancy's readers. You can head over to my website to read some of the hot stories.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Thanks for hosting Enid, Nancy. And Enid, for writers, I don't think the fears ever stop! Fear of sharing our writing, fear of rejection, fear of poor reviews, fear of not getting the next great idea. Seems like it never ends. :)

N. R. Williams said...

One of my life's challenges is to face my fears. Often, I don't know I am afraid until a situation arises. I'm not talking about things that we should fear, crime, accidents, health issues. But the small things that come along and touch something that might have happened to us in our childhood. For me, overcoming fear is one of my prized achievements. And that translates into my writing.

Thank you for stopping by Kobico and Elizabeth and leaving a message.

Enid, I am pleased and honored to have you here today.

Joanna St. James said...

I do do love any form of Pride and Prejudice, say Enid have you watched Bride and prejudice?
ur story sounds very intriguing.

N. R. Williams said...

Interesting Joanna.
Thanks for dropping by.

Clarissa Draper said...

That sure is P&P with a twist. Thanks for hosting, Nancy and Enid, sounds like a great book.

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks for dropping by Clarissa and leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

Enid is an excellent writer ... no doubt about that. Best wishes Enid for lots of sales, especially during this holiday season!

Talli Roland said...

Anything with Mr Darcy does it for me! Thank you for hosting Enid!

Monti said...

Nice excerpt from your book. Good luck with your sales! Thanks for hosting Enid, Nancy!


N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Stephen, Talli and Monti for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Enid Wilson said...

I had my beauty sleep and woke up to so many nice comments. Many thanks Elizabeth, Stephen, Joanna, Clarissa, Talli, Monti and Nancy for the best wishes!

@Nancy and Elizabeth, I understand your concerns about little things. I think we should concentrate on the overall bigger picture, at least I'm trying. Because in a few years time, the little fear will not be significant any more.

@Joanne, I love Bride and Prejudice too, though a bit cheesy. I think it's much better than Bridget Jones diary. At least the "Lizzy" is much smarter.

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Enid for stopping by. I think the comments are great so far.

Emma Shortt said...

I love p&p, will check this one out :-)

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks for coming by Emma.

Vivian Zabel said...

Hi, Nancy and Enid. Since you both stopped by Peggy's blog to say hello, I thought I should return the favor.

I enjoyed the post and the comments.

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Vivian. It's nice to have you stop by.

Anonymous said...

The story, from this excerpt, sounds intriguing! I'm interested.

Nancy: You commented on my post that editing was doing you in! I think it's doing me in, too!! I've got to beef up the middle of the memoir, and then it'll be DONE. (And my daughter really didn't mind too much the split pea "soup" I fed her that night!) Thanks for stopping by so that got me over here to find this writer.
Ann Best, Long Journey Home

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Ann.
Yes I'm almost done. Six more chapters and rereading to be sure I didn't leave a word or misspell a word during the corrections. So, tomorrow I will print out the last six chapters and there you have it. Thanks for the update on all the stuff.

Enid Wilson said...

Thanks Emma, Vivian and Ann. We're like a big circle of friends. We will have no fear of writing, with so much support for each other.

N. R. Williams said...

Thank Enid for dropping back in. I think we had a success.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I just read an excellent book about writers' fears: "The Courage to Write" by Ralph Keyes. Procrastination seems to be one form of that fear, and writer's block, too.

Enid Wilson said...

Thanks Pat for dropping by. I'm master of procastinator! Yes, Nancy, we have great feedbacks and thanks for replying to comments too. That keeps the conversation lively.

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