Sunday, December 11, 2011

News and Announcements

I am honored to have won the Romantic Friday Writers Featured Writer award this last week. Just click on the button at the side if you'd like to read those stories or scroll down a ways for the post a week ago Friday.

I am now on so many pills that I'm a walking pharmacy. But I am starting to feel better and I can walk five steps without falling down coughing. My new doctor is really good. I hope to be  100% after the holidays. I've lost a lot of writing time.

I'm having internet issues. Plus I really think I need to just take it easy for awhile. If I can I will visit you all and if this connection today allows me to I will re-post my favorite Christmas music. One week from today I will be an old lady, 60. Ugh! How did that happen?

I will be sorry to miss the next Romantic Friday Writers post but I will try to find a way to read everyone's post and leave a comment.

The Writing Craft will return in January 2012.

Merry Christmas, Happy all other holidays and have a wonderful New Year.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations! And sixty is NOT old. Don't let anyone tell you that.

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Alex, but I'm a child of the 60's and everyone knows you can't trust anyone over 30. I've been having self trust issues for 30 years. LOL

Elaine AM Smith said...

Congratulations on the win. Hope you are feeling better soon.

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Elaine.

L'Aussie said...

Hey my friend, congrats on turning 60! What's old about that? These days 90 may be getting a bit past it so you've got years to go yet. But when you're not well you probably feel older. I'm pleased to hear you're under treatment. Unfortunately you can't get out into that health-giving sun can you? I wish I could bottle some and send it over. I'm a great believer in sun's healing properties - why else would I live in Oz, lol!!

It's a great idea for you to rest and forget blogging for awhile. I know people tend to forget you if you're not in their faces every week a couple of times, but you have a core of loving blogging friends who'll be thinking of you and praying for you to get better soon.

Have a fantastic Christmas! I hope you can stay wrapped up on the couch and be waited on by one and all.

Love Denise x

Nas Dean said...

Hi Nancy,

I second Denise! And I also wish I could send some sunshine to you.

Happy Birthday and I will be thinking and praying of you.

Nas Dean said...

Reading about your health, missed saying, Congrats on your win!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Nancy .. congratulations on the win. 60 - is the new middle age ..?!

The most important thing is to get your health back .. and then look after that in the many years ahead.

Happy Christmas and here's to a great 2012 .. cheers Hilary

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you so much Denise, Nash and Hilary. One of Colorado's great assets is lots of sunshine even in winter. It isn't unheard of getting 70 degree F. weather inter mingled with 30 and 40. We rarely dip below 0 in Denver. The mountains are another story. But I am a bit home bound. The head spins round and round if I walk too much. LOL

Mary said...

Congrats! Happy Birthday! And I am so glad to hear you are feeling better.

Southpaw said...

Congrats and congrats. I'm glad you have a doctor that seems to be determined to get you better.

N. R. Williams said...

Thank you Mary and Holly. It's nice to see you around blog land.

Rachel Morgan said...

Congrats on winning the Romantic Friday Writers Featured Writer award. And happy early birthday! That's quite a milestone (though we don't have to call it an OLD one!).

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Rachel.

Ty Johnston said...

Congrats on the award. And glad to hear you are recovering. Just got out of the hospital myself, and yep, I missed out on plenty of writing time. Now I'm back at it.

Merry Christmas to all!