Monday, November 12, 2012

Review, Ripple's Effect

Hi Everyone:
I've been asked to review Ripple's Effect, a new children's book from Little Pickle Press by Shawn Achor and Amy Blankson. Illustrated by Cecelia Rebora.

Every parent, grandparent and teacher knows that in today's world educating children about bullies is a difficult task. Not only do we need to protect our little ones from bullies, but we need to teach them not to be a bully. Ripple's Effect does this beautifully. What child doesn't love dolphins and which one isn't fascinated by sharks? You don't have to live near the ocean in today's world for children to appreciate the magnificent of either one. Dolphins bring us joy just watching them frolic in the water while sharks elicit fear.

In Ripple's Effect we have the story of a happy and determined dolphin to take back the fish tank so everyone, even the bully shark, can have fun. Achor and Blankson weave this story into a stream of enjoyment your child will love first and relate to second. Teachers can use this story to help teach children about bullies and how to accept who they are despite what a bully may say and how to deal with a bully. 

As a grandmother of two, five year olds, I've learned the importance of listening to them, teaching them in a manner that doesn't preach down to them, and encouraging them to be who they are without fear. I highly recommend you add Ripple's Effect to your home and school library so that your special little one can learn the lessons of Ripple's Effect.

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Little Pickle Press:

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Looking for additional ways to bring the message of Ripple’s Effect in to your home or classroom? Download the free lesson plan here.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That book will probably teach them better than you telling them.

Jodi Carmichael said...

Read Ripple's Effect on my Kindle again to my daughters last night. They loved the story and the illustrations are beautiful.

Diabetic Mommy said...

Your words about listening to children, rather than preaching to them are so wise...we know that as adults we don't like that, but I think it becomes easy to think that we are SUPPOSED to preach to children. Thanks for the review!

Southpaw said...

Great idea for a children's book and I adore the cover.

Dani said...

Nancy, terrific post - thanks for spreading the word about this new Little Pickle Press book!

Sarah Seward said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Ripple's Effect with us, Nancy. I love your observations about the universal love of dolphins and fascination with sharks. One of my first takeaways from this story was a pure, giddy love for Ripple-the smiley, happy, dolphin-and a dark fascination with Snark. I find that these feelings translate beyond the story and reflect my relationships with people of varying dispositions. It's just amazing to me how this little book lays out a strategy for dealing with the "Snarks" in life in a simple, positive, non-judgemental way. Very inspiring!

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Alex

Hi Jodi
My grandchildren are going to love it too.

Hi D. Mommy
Yes, I agree.

Hi Holly
Me too.

Hi Dani
You're welcome.

Hi Sarah
True, we need strategies.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving a comment.

Heather Murphy said...

I love the concept of the shark as a bully to a dolphin and that cover is so cute. It looks like it would be a perfect learning tool

Robyn Campbell said...

Beautiful post. The cover is awesome, isn't it? What a great story to teach the itty ones about the real sharks in life. It's the kind of story that makes me, a picture book author, wish I'd written that one. *waving*

Lexa Cain said...

What a cute way to teach kids about bullying. And I just love the name of the publisher, "Little Pickle Press." Thanks for highlighting this book. :-)

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