Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Last week I started this series on reflections, memories that shaped me into the person I am today. I don't have a specific day of the week for this, however, I'm putting these up on Wednesday for now.

Reflections will travel through events in my life in chronological order, I hope you travel through time with me.



When I was very young in my preschool years and curious about God I asked my mother who Jesus was. She had a brilliant answer for me. "Jesus is a person who you can talk to," Mom said.

Jesus is a person. I thought about this a lot and believed her. I started to talk to Jesus all the time. He became my silent playmate when my siblings were at school. Whatever game I played, I would ask the Lord Jesus questions and pretend He played with me.

Years later as a teenager many of my friends proclaimed that they were atheist. This troubled me. Why was it so hard for me to proclaim the same? My answer...I knew that God was real and that Jesus was His Son from all the years of playing with Him. I had real, substantial experience that could not be denied.

For those of you who like to say the popular and common phrase that "you believe in a higher power," the higher power has a name. Don't be mistaken or fooled. It takes courage to say, "I believe in Jesus."



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes it does! I'm not afraid to say Jesus is my Lord and Savior though.

Yolanda Renee said...

It's the childhood introduction to 'that higher power' whatever name you choose, that will and does, make the difference in a life.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Alex

Hi Yolanda
Thanks for stopping by.