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#RomanticFridayWriters, We Love Lovers

Greetings all. It's time for Romantic Friday Writers and today's challenge is to take a famous couple from any book and write a new story about them, up to 1,000 words.

Well...I've got a cold and the only thing I've been able to do this week is sleep. So I haven't been able to devote the time I wanted to this post but I will give you something unusual and I hope entertaining. I'm in the middle of this book because my daughter wanted me to read it. I must admit I know more about this couple from the movies my daughter watches over and over again.

One clue I will tell you is the situation or challenge that this couple faces is actually being created by Scientist using stem cell research. I love watching the History Channel, Discovery Channel and the Science Channel to learn new things. In short, Scientist looking for a way to reverse dementia in older people used stem cells from living donor rats and injected them into rats that had the aging disease. I should have done the research to learn the name of that disease that sadly affects a small number of young children causing them to die of old age, but like I said I've been sick and will be lucky to finish this post. What happened to the rats was remarkable, they began to grow younger and they began to regenerate damaged organs. Imagine what this will mean if it pans out?

 Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and settings among other things in this fan fiction spoof are the property of Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series of books. The original characters and original plot are the property of author Stephanie Meyer. This author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material pertaining to the Twilight series of books or the Twilight motion pictures. No copyright infringement is intended in this fan fiction.


So here is my story, not a 1,000 words, written in this post. I apologize if it has glaring mistakes.


Edward reached long cold fingers to envelope Bella's hand. They sat in the office of Dr. Lemon, a respected scientist and brilliant research doctor. "Are you sure?" Edward asked.

"To feel warm again, the sun on my skin and I want to eat Nachos," Bella said.

"I've never had them." Edward studied his wife. After 200 years his love hadn't diminished.

"No, I suspect they weren't popular when you were human. Trust me, they are yummy."

Dr. Lemon entered. Edward sensed his thoughts. Apparently they were not the first vampires to seek his aid.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cullen," Lemon said as he put his pen into the pocket of his white clinical coat. "I've read your chart but I'd like to hear from yourselves why you wish to undertake this procedure?"

Bella sighed, she glanced at Edward who smiled and said. "My wife longs for sunny beaches and Nachos."

"Nachos," Lemon said as a smile teased the corner of his mouth. He folded his arms, leaned on the desk and then spoke. "Stem cells can be harvested easily. Advances have allowed us to grow them in the lab using living donors. There isn't an issue with rejection in your case. You will simply adopt the blood type of the donor and become human. However, I must warn you, there isn't anyway to reverse the procedure."

Edward considered that Lemon had no idea how a vampire became one. He knew the process could be reversed.

"I assure you, we had a young man who changed his mind. When his 'maker', as you like to call them, tried to make him into a vampire again, he died." Lemon frowned and studied the two.

Edward wondered if he could read minds, or perhaps he was simply used to the questions."How many vampires have you treated?"

"Well over 100."

This startled Edward. Bella gazed at him so intently that he had to consider her once more. They knew each other so well that sometimes their thoughts seemed the same.

"How long does it take?" Bella asked Lemon.

"It depends on how long you've been a vampire. Approximately one week for every fifty years."

"Is it painful?" Bella asked.

"Moderate pain, nothing that will require medication. Mostly our patients complain of itching. We have special creams to help with this. It seems your skin is unusually dry."

"How long will we live as humans?" Edward asked.

"As you may know, life expectancy has increased and many people haven't even begun to age yet. We have entire families that received the stem cell injections over 100 years ago and to the human eye, they haven't aged. Neither have their organs seen any damage. Older patients grew younger, many reversing from 90 years of age bodily to 50 or even 40. It is remarkable. Some Scientist believe that natural death will occur when you reach approximately 1,000 years. However, the research is still in it's infancy and baring an accident you should be able to enjoy many, many years to come."

"And you Doctor, have you  undergone this procedure?" Edward asked.

"Yes," Lemon said. "I just celebrated my 131st Birthday."

Lemon appeared to be 30 something.

"May we have a moment?" Edward said.

"Of course." Lemon stood and left the room.

Edward turned to Bella. Her icy fingers rubbed his hand. He wasn't prepared for the excitement he found in her eyes.

"I think we should do it. I know the rest of the family will follow us," Bella said.

"They may not."

"Does it matter? A thousand years. We will still be welcome in their home, you know that."

"Yes." Edward frowned. He'd never wanted Bella to become a vampire and if not for her impending death he wouldn't have changed her. Now there was an opportunity to become human again, not just for Bella, but for himself too.

"We won't be able to climb the trees the same or run for long distances," Edward said.

"But we will be able to cuddle in bed and sleep all night long." Bella countered.

"I've forgotten what that was like."

"Edward, it's not like we are exchanging eternity for fifty years. We'll live to be 1,000 or better."

"Baring a vampire doesn't do us in."

"Do you think that will happen?"

Edward sighed, "no." He immediately stood, pulled her into an embrace and kissed her hard. "Let's do it."


There you have it. Sorry if it isn't good enough. My eyes are closing and my head is nodding. I'm off to bed. Hope you enjoyed it. And all the predictions in the story were in the show I watched about this research. I wonder if you get dental implants, will your teeth grow back? LOL

Copyright 2013

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Summer Ross said...

Actually I think you did good for being busy. :) I know, I know, I haven't been around much, but I'm getting back into the blogging scene one Friday at a time.

This is a unique look at the two- at first I thought it would be the 'Notebook' couple because you talked about dementia.

Great job!

Yolanda Renee said...

Excellent, you did a beautiful job. Is there some way we can sign up to be a test subject? I'd do it in a minute! :)

Hope your feeling better soon!

Dawn Embers said...

Well done and very interesting... Nachos? lol. Had to giggle at that as part of the line of reasoning for the "procedure". I haven't read the books but I imagine the idea is she wants to be a vampire out of love for her vampire bf, but to want to go back for nachos and sun is amusing.

Nice one and hope you feel better soon.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Summer, nice to see you around.

Hi Yolanda
I'd like to sign up too. I believe it will be 5 years or less before the studies include humans.

Hi Dawn
Glad my humor was humorous. LOL

Thanks all for coming by.

Lexa Cain said...

I enjoyed it, especially the Nachos part and the name "Dr. Lemon." Funny! :-)

Sally said...

very interesting. I've kept away from all things 'vampire' since my young daughter was watching a series on the TV several years ago. It brings up many ethical questions.

Denise Covey said...

Hi Nancy, i hope your cold is much better now. Stem cell research i find fascinating. Nice way to incorporate this ethical question in a story. Good touch with Bella and Edward. The story continues...

Thanks for posting


N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Lexa.

Hi Sally
Vampires are interesting and not real, thank God. I think stem cells are a more ethical issue at the moment. However, much of the problem goes away when you can harvest from living donors and even the same person who is being treated. I am not for creating babies just to kill them for stem cells.

Hi Denise
Yes, I agree. I'm glad I pulled off a story even if it isn't my best.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving a comment.

Scheherazade said...

Ah, the vampire thing. Fascinating story. Like the stem cell angle and the dilemma of choosing to be human again. Well, there is the added benefit of youthfulness.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Linda
Right you are. Thanks for coming by. I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

Donna Hole said...

That was an interesting take on Edward and Bella's ever after. I haven't followed the Twilight saga, but I know she was reluctant, and only her love for Edward convinced her to become a vampire.

I like how you wove in the sentiment of the years they would still have together, and addition of his family, which has always been so important to him.

Excellent use of science to make the HEA happen. Interesting.

Thanks for participating in this month's RFW Nancy. I hope you start feeling better soon.


Charmaine Clancy said...

Interesting twist. Haven't read the books, tried to, but couldn't get into it. But I do know the characters from the movie. 200 yrs of marriage? That sounds so very very long! Looks like you had fun with this.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Donna
The books are hard to get into because she takes a long time to develop the characters and their motivation.

Hi Charmaine
200 years would be impossible for most but this is fiction.

Thank you both for coming by.

M Pax said...

A friend gave me a subscription to Scientific American, so I read some every morning with breakfast. It's so interesting.

Loved your Twilight Fic. As good as Stephanie's.

Anna said...

February 26th, 2013
Oh my goodness, Nancy!
Vampires! I have yet to write about Vampires!
I have never seen the twilight movies/TV-programs or read the books that they are based upon, but I have read Bram Stoker's Dracula, the novel that started it all. I like to read the classics

Well done. I hope you will be feeling better soon.
Best wishes,

REW February 2013 - Selma Lagerlof's debut novel, Gösta Berling's Saga'

N. R. Williams said...

That's a great compliment M, thanks.

Hi Anna
I haven't read the classic from Bram Stoker yet Anna. I try to steer clear of horror. But vampires have certainly under gone more humanization in recent years. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you both for coming by.

The Blue Shirt Writers said...
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Erin Kane Spock said...

That was so much fun. I love that you chose to do this, a new approach to Twilight. It's also nice to see they still love each other, that the teenage infatuation didn't just wear off. :)

N. R. Williams said...

Thanks Erin
For Edward it wouldn't but Bella is questionable. Both are certainly intense characters for different reasons.

Misha Gericke said...

Ooh I loved this fanfic. Well done!

Hope you feel better soon.

Rekha Seshadri said...

You have a wonderfully different twist...maybe Bella has more than nachos and sun in mind - a person with a "sunny smile" who may taken the treatment and is young and alive.
This is very good and makes fora perfect sequel series - the Tanning series, perhaps?

Hope you are feeling better now.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Misha

Hi Rekha
So glad you enjoyed it. The tanning series, I love it.

Thank you both for coming by.

Nilanjana Bose said...

That was a fun twist, though I am not familiar with the Twilight series. Loved how you tackled an serious ethical issue with such a light touch. Thoroughly enjoyed it. And thank you for your kind words on my post.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi N.
Glad you liked it. Your welcome. Thanks for coming by.